You Won’t Believe What This Man Does When a Driver Double Parks in Front of His Church

Let me present a common scenario to you… It’s a Monday morning, it’s raining, cold, and you have been battling traffic for the last hour. You’re ready to head in to the office when you remember that you promised to treat your co-workers to Starbucks this morning. There’s absolutely NO parking around and you’re running late! The only semi-viable spot would force you to block the entrance to a church parking lot. It feels wrong, but you’ll just be gone for a minute after all. What do you choose to do?

It’s a thought-provoking situation, and definitely not an uncommon one. Dale Tippett Jr., a Chicago resident, was sick and tired of watching this situation unfold again and again in his own neighborhood.

Tippett Jr. made a video illustrating what it’s like to live in a busy area with a popular Starbucks and not much street parking available. In the video, he explains that he sees drivers block the entrance of the church parking lot again and again, a real inconvenience for anyone who needs access to the lot. So, one morning he decided to teach one driver a lesson that would be hard to forget.

Tippett Jr.’s video starts off with him identifying the car, and going back into his house to grab a chair, his cigarettes, and a book. From there, he sits his chair in front of the silver SUV and makes himself comfortable.

In the upper-left hand of the screen, we can see the driver coming back, coffee in hand. I don’t know about you, but my stomach is already in knots at this point, just anticipating how this super awkward situation will unfold.

driver comes back to suvDale Tippett Jr.
The video becomes time elapsed after the driver gets in. Time passes, but the driver, obviously ashamed, can’t muster the nerve to ask Tippett Jr. to move. Talk about someone who hates confrontation, right?

Eventually, the driver, or “Turkey-dog” as he is affectionately called in this video, asks the parking spot vigilante if he was staying. Tippett Jr. replies, “I’ll be just a minute.”

driver asks man to moveDale Tippett Jr.
At the end of the video, Tippett Jr. makes a great point that’s pretty hard to debate. Blocking the church parking lot entrance meant that handicapped drivers are unable to pull into the lot, and if there were to be an emergency, emergency vehicles would be unable to access the building. It’s kind of hard not to be on this guy’s side, right?

Tippett Jr. goes on to write: I know I’m being obnoxious here, but at least I’M getting a chuckle out of it.

 Watch the rest of the video below to see how the driver reacted to this unusual protest.

 What do you think about this disgruntled neighbor’s extreme tactic? Is he a parking hero, or did he take things over the line? Have you ever done something similar in your neighborhood? Are you a “double-parker” yourself? Let us know all about it in the comments below.