There are some items that are sitting in garages and thrift stores that just seem to stump us. Maybe you have some beautiful antique furniture, but the piece itself just doesn’t have a function in current times. One of the most perplexing pieces is the TV cabinet. Though most were originally made with gorgeous solid wood and carved with ornate details, it’s a difficult item to integrate into a modern home. Luckily for us, there’s a great way to repurpose these TV cabinets: as baby armoires!

Carmen De La Paz of OWN can show you how to turn your old TV cabinet into a decorative and useful baby armoire. Believe us, this project can be performed by even the most amateur of DIYers. Follow the simple instructions below, and have fun repurposing your beautiful new piece of baby furniture!




  • Electric drill
  • Sanding sponges
  • Paint with primer
  • Brown paint with glaze
  • Spray-on adhesive
  • Linen
  • Paper towels



  1. Unscrew all screws and hardware. Don’t forget to save them!
  2. Use sanding sponges to smooth any rough surfaces on the cabinet. It’s important that you don’t skip this step. The paint will not adhere to the wood unless you do this.
  3. Wipe down the residue from the sanding with a paper towel.
  4. Apply your first coat of paint.
  5. If you are looking to add a shabby chic or antique feel, use a brown paint with a glaze over any details, then immediately wipe away with a paper towel. This will give the piece an aged look. This can also be done over the entire cabinet. If you are applying to smooth surfaces, it is important that you use whisking motions, then quickly wipe away any residue. 
    woman wipes away brown paint with paper towelOWN
  6. Upholster the doors by spraying an adhesive onto the interior panels, then attach pre-measured linen strips. 
    woman sprays on adhesive to doorOWN
  7. Add some hooks and hardware to the inside of the cabinet. The cuter and more decorative the better!

How cool is the outcome? We were dubious at first, too, but this is truly a special project. Your new armoire will be a great addition to any nursery.

open view of blue baby armoireOWN
The best part about this DIY piece is the price. One YouTuber said in the comments section of the video that she purchased her TV cabinet for only 30 bucks. Baby armoires like these can retail for upwards of $600, so if you are willing to have some fun and put in a little elbow grease, then this is definitely quite a steal!

Watch the video below to see this awesome transformation. You’ll be scouring your local thrift shops to get started on this project!

Have you used an old TV cabinet in a DIY project before? Would you try the brown tobacco paint technique detailed in the video? What type of furniture is essential in a baby’s nursery? We’d love to hear your thoughts and tips! Tell us all about them in the comments sections below.