These 2 Simple Ingredients Will Make Your Carved Pumpkins Last and Last

There’s nothing more disappointing about Halloween decorations than carved pumpkins that are already drooping and molding before October 31 arrives. Since our schedules don’t always allow for carving to happen on Halloween, or even the day before, we need a way to preserve our painstakingly crafted jack-o’-lanterns until the big night. There are lots of methods floating around on the Internet, but how do we know which ones actually work? We ask Terri O of ABC 15’s Sonoran Living, who did a test of the most popular methods to find out which one is the best. Watch her results, then grab the only two ingredients you need and start carving!

What You Need

–1 gallon of water
–2/3 cup bleach

That’s it! You can adjust amounts depending on the size of your pumpkin; just keep the ratio of 2/3 cup of bleach per each gallon of water, and you’ll be all set. Let the carved pumpkin soak for 24 hours, turn it upside down to drain, and voila! You’ve got a jack-o’-lantern guaranteed to last through Halloween. Get more information and tips over on the Sonoran Living site, and let us know if you have any tricks of your own!