When was the last time you got your hair cut? While everyone was stocking up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer, I wish I had thought to make an appointment at a salon, and I wish I had urged my husband to head to the barber shop. 

We didn’t know that salons and barber shops would close. We especially didn’t know that they would close indefinitely. They may not be considered “essential” businesses, but a lot of Americans consider them essential. A cut and color at home isn’t something we usually DIY…until now.

If you’re finding yourself in quarantine with your hair getting shaggy, you have a couple options. One is to let it grow, let it grow! After all, if you’re at home all day, nobody’s going to see your hair unless you’re on Zoom anyway. If you’re an essential worker…maybe you can wear a hat? Trust us. Your coworkers will understand.

If you really don’t think you can wait any longer to get your hair cut, then it’s time to get a crash course in hair cutting. For the ladies, check out this video about how to cut long hair. It actually looks pretty easy; although, we haven’t been brave enough to try it just yet.

For the men, hopefully you’re quarantined with someone you trust with your hair. Wives, girlfriends, teenage children, are you ready for this?

Kate Bryan is a trained stylist, and she knows that we’ve reached the time in quarantine where we’re tempted to cut our own hair. Although she has not cut her husband’s hair in a very long time, she gave him a haircut recently, and filmed the entire process for our benefit. I was definitely taking notes.

First of all, you want to make sure you have really sharp scissors. While they can be professional hair cutting scissors, Bryan says that as long as they’re really sharp, they’ll work. 

For a short men’s haircut, you’re also going to need a good set of clippers. Many (including the ones Bryan recommends) are currently out of stock on Amazon, but look for some with good reviews. A cutting comb is also very helpful to make sure you cut the hair evenly.

Before you take hair in hands, watch Bryan cut her husband’s hair in the video below. She does a great job of carefully explaining what she is doing, why she is doing it and what you absolutely should not do. 

A lot of people are feeling more confident about cutting men’s hair after watching this video. One viewer wrote, “Thank you for sharing this! My husband and son were both overdue for cuts before shelter in place so now maybe I can trim them up without it being a total disaster!” Another comment reads, “This was more helpful than any other video I’ve watched. Appreciate your tips of the trade as I have no idea what I am doing.”

Do you feel brave enough to cut a man’s hair after watching this video?