Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Old or Dull Furniture










Want to upgrade your furniture but don’t have the cash? That’s ok! There are tons of ways that you can upgrade furniture you already have so that it looks new and fresh. Here are the top 10 ways we can think of for giving your furniture a makeover on the cheap:

  1. Use Fabric: Scrap fabric is an easy tool to use when you want to update a tired piece of furniture on the cheap. You can try lining the drawers of an old dresser or attaching fabric to the back panels of your bookshelves. You can even use this technique with china cabinets, bureaus, and more.
  2. Spray Paint: Spray painting is a great way to save a piece of furniture you don’t love anymore. You can use spray paint to update anything from tables (like I did), to chairs and stools, to lamps, to dressers and bookshelves, and much more. You can even spray paint some fabrics!
  3. Paper It: You can use leftover wallpaper or wrapping paper in the same way that you can use extra fabric. You could even use contact paper to give a piece of furniture a glossier look.
  4. Reupholster It: With some simple upholstering, you can turn cheap folding chairs into fun and unique chairs for any room. Or you could try turning a boring coffee table into a plush ottoman. But that’s just the beginning. Use any variety of fabrics and use your imagination to update your furniture pieces.
  5. Refresh Wood: Sometimes, all that’s wrong with a piece of furniture is that the wood is in rough shape. Here are some easy ways to take care of that problem:
  6. Swap Out the Hardware: Add a little bit of bling to your old cabinets, doors and dressers with minimal effort. Just swap out the hardware for something newer. It’s cheap to grab new knobs (try thrift stores for a start), so play around until you’re happy with the result.
  7. Add Molding: Adding molding is a simple way to make your furniture look instantly more elegant.
  8. Stencil It: Update any basic furniture with stencils. They come in all sorts of trendy patterns, and it’s easy to apply pain with a sponge roller for a quick makeover. Use these ideas as inspiration.
  9. Use a Slipcover: If you love how a couch feels but not how it looks, you can always invest in a sturdy, inexpensive slipcover. You can throw it right over an older couch, and on the plus side, you can throw it in the wash whenever it needs cleaning.
  10. Repurpose It: Just because a piece of furniture doesn’t work for its intended purpose anymore doesn’t mean that you can use it. For example, an old dresser could become a kitchen island. Or an old ladder could become a chic nightstand.