We’ve seen a lot of beautiful dresses, and it’s always interesting to see dresses made in unusual ways. For example, one elementary school art teacher had her students decorate her dress with their own artwork. The result was whimsical and beautiful, but we don’t know that we would have been brave enough to let our elementary aged children decorate our clothing.

Another example of a beautiful and unique dress is one that a teenager hand-painted and wore to her high school graduation party. The result was simply spectacular.

Then there’s the story of a boyfriend who taught himself to sew so that he could make a prom dress for his date. That’s love. In his case, it actually led to paying gigs!

But, today’s story is about toilet paper. It doesn’t really seem like the kind of material (can we even call it material?) that would be used for making clothing; however, one woman actually made a wedding dress out of toilet paper. Sure, toilet paper is white, but a wedding dress and toilet paper usually don’t belong in the same sentence.

Amber Mills, a veteran Marine, is used to challenges. First of all, she was a Marine. Second of all, she has multiple sclerosis. She’s also a mom. 

Mills decided to enter a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest from Charmin, and she ended up getting the third place prize. She boiled Charmin brand toilet paper in a pot on her stove and mixed it with glue to create the dress. This is the kind of thing you have to see to believe.

Watch the video below to see how Mills created a stunning wedding dress out of toilet paper.

Many people are impressed with Mills’ dress and are even feeling inspired to do something creative themselves. One person wrote, “God Bless You! I love your video Amber! You’re so inspirational! You’ve jump started my dormant fashion designer in me! I love this video!”

Another comment reads, “Wow! That’s the prettiest Wedding dress ever! She should have gotten First place! So creative! I Pray God Blesses her with orders for Wedding Dresses! They will be one of a kind for sure! And absolutely Beautiful!”

We have to agree that if she can create a wedding dress this beautiful out of toilet paper she could certainly do something even more amazing out of actual fabric.

Have you ever made something out of toilet paper? Does this story get your creative juices flowing?