Teen Who Taught Himself to Make Prom Date’s Dress from Scratch Lands Career

Most people who learn a new skill start out with a small project. For example, if you’re learning woodworking, maybe you would start out by building a bird house or a simple stool or shelf. If you’re learning to cook, you might make scrambled eggs or pasta. If you’re learning to sew, you might make a pillow or a tote bag.

Not everyone follows this rule of thumb. For example, one teen learned how to sew by creating a magical prom dress for his girlfriend.

Sometimes a situation arrises where it’s necessary to step up to the challenge. That’s what happened in this instance. 

Addi couldn’t afford to buy a beautiful prom dress. She joked with her boyfriend Parker that maybe he could make one for her. She didn’t actually expect him to learn to sew just to make her a prom dress, but that’s exactly what he did.

Is that love or what?

With the help of his grandmother, Parker spent months learning to sew and working on the dress. He even added the final details one day before the prom.

All along, Parker had an idea of what the dress would look like, and Addi knew a little bit about what to expect. Still, the big reveal brought her to tears. Parker had created a dress as beautiful as the one the fairy godmother created for Cinderella. No joke.

Through this experience, Parker realized that he actually liked sewing, and when he was given the opportunity to sew again, he jumped at the chance. This next time, it was a paying gig.

Watch the video below to see how Parker’s original prom dress landed him a truly magical sewing gig.


We’re super impressed that he was able to make such an amazing Cinderella dress that transforms with his only previous sewing experience being his date’s prom dress. If this is the kind of skill he has as a beginner, just imagine what he’ll be able to do with a little more practice.

Perhaps brides will be calling Parker to make one-of-a-kind wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. The sky is certainly the limit for this very talented and determined teen.

Do you know how to sew? Have you ever attempted to sew anything as involved as a prom dress?