Our intrigue with tiny homes has partly to do with watching DIYers use their bare hands and ingenuity to build their houses. We get to see the before and after, especially when there’s a conversion involved.

But what about those out there who can’t or don’t want to build their own tiny house, but really, really want one? Outsource the gig to a professional, of course! With Wind River Tiny Homes, you feel like you’ve got options. They designed and built this custom Monocle tiny dream home for a couple in California at their headquarters in Tennessee.

Taking us on a tour in the video below, we’re shown the inside of the home. You’ll notice the guys removed their shoes before stepping onto the lovely wood floors. Man, some of the features will make you forget you’re inside a tiny house! A sunshine-rich view of the kitchen begins the tour.

Standard are the fold-out dining table and open shelves, which are beautifully crafted. But the kitchen sink will give you life. The large farmhouse sink adds a bit of rustic, vintage style to the home, and it has a special feature: hot-and-cold foot pedals. Our builder tour guide explains that they were installed to help the homeowners conserve water. I want one!

Moving on to the main area of the home, we’re told that the main floor will be used as a bedroom in this case. In a lot of these houses, you’ll note that the bed is placed in the loft area and the living room is on the first level. This couple has chosen to use the loft as storage space. A book shelf doubles as a ladder to reach the loft.

A propane fireplace warms the main room, and is flanked with storage above and below it. Another impressive feature are the pull-out closets. And oh yes, they’re his and hers! Ornately designed doors disguise them from view and both have space for hanging and shelf units. But that’s not all because what closet would be complete without LED party lights? Check those out!

Image of pull out closet.Tiny House Listings

Our tour ends in a bathroom that is prime for luxuriating. The large bathtub is framed by wood and tile, and a stunning circular window sits above it, spreading natural light. A non-cramped space, the entire bathroom is designed as a wet bath, allowing for shower water to drain through the floor. In the corner opposite from the shower sits a small composting toilet.

To take in all the cool features of this tiny house, watch the video. According to Wind River’s website, this Monocle model is 240 square feet with a width of 10 feet. With all those windows letting light in, it helps to make the space feel open. The owners certainly have a lot of room to store clothing and other belongings out of sight too!

What are your thoughts on this custom designed and built tiny home? Could you live comfortably with this amount of space? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!