How to Prevent Ice Crystals from Forming on Your Ice-Cream

In this season of ice cream, there is nothing more annoying than opening up the carton of your favorite flavor to indulge in a cold snack – only to find it coating in crystallized freezer burn. Yuck. What is that stuff? They’re ice crystals that form when the cold air leaks under the ice cream lid, affecting the left-behind ice cream. Well, America’s Test Kitchen has a super easy tip to prevent those crystals from forming so you can eat on without a worry! Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

The trick is so simple, all you need is a sheet of plastic wrap.

When you eat some of your ice cream but not all of it (do people even have this problem?), put the plastic wrap on top of the container before you put the lid back on. Then press the plastic wrap down so it’s right against the surface of the ice cream. Put on the lid as normal and you’ve got yourself some ice cream security.

The Test Kitchen even brought us a bonus tip on another summer staple! Beer, of course.

To keep beer fresh, the best thing to do is to choose beer that comes in a dark container, like the amber-colored glass of Sam Adams. If your favorite beer comes in a clear glass bottle, use a coozie to keep your beer fresh and cold.

You are shaping up to have one fresh summer! What do you think of these tips? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.