Love it or hate it, avocado toast is a thing, and for those who love it, it’s almost addictive. We could eat avocado toast every day. It’s fairly quick to prepare, and it really is delicious.

If you like avocado toast, you might wish that there were an easier way to get the mashed avocado on your toast. We’ve never really thought it was very hard to simply mash avocado down onto our toast with a fork, but TikTok user @unnecessaryinvention came up with an even easier way.

In his TikTok, he pulls what looks like a deodorant container out of his refrigerator. The label reads “avocado on a stick,” and when he removes the lid, we clearly see that this is not deodorant but an epic use for an empty and very well cleaned deodorant container.

He proceeds to demonstrate just how easy it is to spread avocado on toast using an old deodorant container. It is easy; this is true. See for yourself in the video below.

@unnecessaryinventionsThis is the most millennial thing I’ve ever invented. ##unnecessaryinventions♬ original sound – unnecessaryinvention

This TikTok has gotten mixed feedback. Some people think that it can’t be sanitary to use a deodorant container for a food item. One comment reads, “I wouldn’t trust it to be fresh.”

Other viewers pointed out that avocado doesn’t stay fresh very long and would turn brown quickly. One person wrote, “avocados go bad so fast when they’re cut though.”

Regardless, if someone could find a way to keep the mashed avocados from turning brown, there are people who would pay for this invention. One comment reads, “I actually want to buy this.” Another viewer wrote, “People will actually use this!!!”

Yet other people aren’t even paying attention to the avocado on a stick. They’re too distracted by the beginning of the video where they see inside the refrigerator and see how terribly empty it is. One bottle of wine and the repurposed tube of deodorant – that’s all that’s inside. One person commented, “I think the most important lesson is that all you need to live is avocado and wine.”

Then there are the comments that think this TikTok user needs to learn how to make toast. The piece of toast he uses in the video does look kind of burnt. One comment reads, “Who hurt you? Why is your toast so toasted?”

Do you like avocado toast? Do you think it would be easier to make avocado toast if you put mashed avocado in a clean deodorant container?