There are many factors that come into play when you decide what’s for dinner. First, do you feel like cooking? If you decide on takeout, you have to decide where to order from.

Pizza delivery is very popular, and there are lots and lots of options when it comes to where you’re going to order that pizza. There are popular chains that specialize in take-out. There are small mom-and-pop pizza places that are very good as well.

For the Valdez family, when it comes to ordering pizza, they choose Papa John’s. The decision is partly because they like the pizza but mostly because they love the pizza delivery driver. 

When the Valdez family orders delivery, they have their phone ready to record the interaction with the delivery driver, and they post the video on their TikTok channel, @vendingheads. Recently, when they ordered pizza from Papa John’s, they posted the video of the delivery driver, and everyone on TikTok fell in love with him.

@vendingheadsWhat is this guy doing delivering Pizzas? True hustler 🙏 ##fyp ##delivery ##nest ##nestdoorbell ##amazon ##amazonprime ##fedex ##ups ##usps♬ Wii – Mii Channel – Super Guitar Bros

The delivery driver was 89-year-old Derlin Newey. He greeted the family by saying, “Hello, are you looking for some pizza?” He was so sweet to the family as he delivered the pizza that many, many people commented on TikTok wanting to do something nice for him

Newey works about 30 hours a week delivering pizza for Papa John’s. He started working after he realized that his social security wasn’t going to be enough to pay the bills. The people of TikTok wanted to help him out so that he wouldn’t have to work so much.

Carlos Valdez set up a Venmo account just to raise money for Newey. He thought maybe they would get a few dollars together, maybe $20. 

@vendingheadsReply to @victoriamoniique Let’s do the Venmo Challenge Tip For Our Amazing Pizza 🍕 Man @lexylately if you would like to help ##Venmo challenge♬ original sound – Carlos Valdez

Valdez was shocked when the Venmo challenge raised over $12,000 for Newey. The Valdez family, along with a cameraman from CNN affiliate KSL TV went to Newey’s home to deliver the check and a special T-shirt that said, “Hello, are you looking for some pizza?”

Newey was surprised and overwhelmed by the generosity of the Valdez family and everyone on TikTok, which he had never heard of before. He asked, “Is that an online group you communicate with each other through the telephone?”

Watch the video below to see Newey’s reaction when the Valdez family showed up at his door.

Have you ever had anyone as nice as Newey deliver something to your home? Does it surprise you that the Valdez family was able to raise so much money for Newey?