Viral Tiktok Shows How to Make ‘Bacon’ Out of Banana Peels

There are certain fruits where we plan to eat the peel. For example, we bite right into an apple, and when it comes to citrus, we’re all for zesting oranges and lemons to add to our baked goods.

Then there are bananas. We have never looked at a banana peel and wondered how we could eat it, that is until we saw a viral TikTok video that made us think maybe we’re doing it wrong.

If you’re on a vegan diet, this recipe might be very appealing. Even if you’re not, it’s so crazy sounding yet intriguing that you just might want to try it. Get ready to make bacon out of banana peels.

Yes, it sounds weird, but the results are pretty impressive. Watch the video below to see what ingredients you need and to see how exactly banana peels can resemble bacon.

@thehungerdiariesBanana Peel BACON. 🍌🥓 Found this + had to try. Have you heard of this before? ##foodtiktok ##asmrfood ##easyrecipe ##fyp ##foryou ##tiktokfoodie ##bananas♬ original sound – The Hunger Diaries

Many people on TikTok left comments criticizing this vegan bacon recipe. One comment reads, “I will be physically aggressive if someone fed me banana bacon.”

Another TikTok user wrote, “who stares at a banana peel and think… ‘this would be good as bacon?'”

Regardless of how strange the recipe may sound at first, we know that you can’t really judge a food if you haven’t tasted it yourself. In The Know agrees and decided to make the recipe and compare it to regular bacon.

In The Know editor Poppy Shen made the banana bacon recipe and tried it along with regular bacon. She judged the two types of bacon in three separate categories to reach a winner of best bacon. The results were surprising.

The first category was “convenience.” Regular bacon easily won this category since you can just simply cook it instead of having to marinate it. Banana bacon does take time to prep.

The next category was “healthiness.” Banana bacon won this category. While it’s okay to eat regular bacon from time to time, bananas are healthier. Plus, there’s the added bonus that it’s healthier for the environment since making bacon out of banana peels keeps the banana peels out of the trash.

In case you’re keeping track, bacon and banana bacon are tied right now.

The last category was “taste.” We know what you’re thinking because we were thinking it too. We assumed there was no way banana bacon could taste as good or even better than regular bacon. According to Shen, we were wrong. While she admits that banana bacon does taste different than regular bacon, she ended up thinking it tasted even better. She described it as crisp, tangy and sweet.

We already knew that bananas make make great bread, ice-cream and even pancakes. Now we know that we should keep the peels to make bacon. Are you going to try making banana peel bacon?