It seems that our house always either has too many bananas or not enough. We go through phases of eating multiple bananas a day, and then suddenly, nobody wants a banana and they’re rotting on the counter.

Thankfully, we know multiple ways to use up bananas, and one of our favorites is banana bread. While pumpkin spice might be the official flavor of fall, banana bread is something we enjoy eating all year.

Sometimes, especially on hot days, we don’t feel like heating up the oven to bake bread, and some days we don’t feel like waiting an hour for the bread to bake. That’s why we’re so excited that there is now a super easy way to cook banana bread in less than 10 minutes.

The recipe is pretty traditional – flour, egg, bananas, you get the idea, but there is one extra awesome ingredient as well. This delicious recipe also includes chocolate chips! We’re thinking we could probably substitute peanut butter chips for a fun twist on this recipe too.

There are two ways to bake the bread. One is in the oven, like usual. The other way, the way that cooks the bread in less than 10 minutes, involves putting the bread in the microwave.

It’s important to note that in order to cook the bread in the microwave you will need to have a bread pan that is silicone, glass or ceramic. You would never want to put a metal bread pan in the microwave.

This fun and easy recipe is brought to us by Bigger Bolder Baking, but Gemma is not the one who is doing the baking. This time, it’s her husband, Kevin, who is on camera, and their son Georgie even gets some screen time. 

Be sure to watch all the way to the end of this video to see Gemma make a guest appearance to taste test the banana bread that was baked in the oven and the banana bread that was baked in the microwave.

It sounds like Gemma actually preferred the bread baked in the microwave! That’s definitely good to know and makes us even more excited to try this quick and easy recipe!

Bigger Bolder Baking followers loved seeing the men in Gemma’s life on screen. One comment reads, “Goodness me. This is unexpected. I love it 😻. Beware Gemma your guys are taking over the show lol.”

Her followers are also loving the fact that this bread can be baked in the microwave. One person wrote, “Wow! Thanks you two for that amazing recipe. I’m not good with using an oven. I make all my food in the microwave. This will be very helpful. Thank you and stay safe.”

Are you going to try the microwave version of this banana bread recipe?