Dick Van Dyke Shares His Impressive Home Workout at Age 95

According to Dick Van Dyke, growing older is no reason to slow down. The 95-year-old entertainer believes the exact opposite. The “Mary Poppins” and “Mary Poppins Returns” star is still singing, dancing and exercising.

Recently, Van Dyke was interviewed by CBS This Morning, and he not only talked about how active he is but he proved it. In the backyard of his Malibu home, he demonstrated doing sit ups. He certainly seems to have a lot of energy.

Interestingly enough, Van Dyke actually hosted CBS This Morning once upon a time. He quipped, “Nobody knew it because Dave Garroway was on NBC, so nobody watched me. My news man was Walter Cronkite — wonderful guy.”

Watch the video below to see Van Dyke demonstrate his home workout and hear thoughts about getting older.

At the end of the video, Van Dyke mentioned how unique and wonderful Walt Disney was. Disney was the one who gave Van Dyke his biggest career break, even more so than the Dick Van Dyke Show. He cast Van Dyke as Bert in “Mary Poppins.” Van Dyke said that while filming the movie, “Walt was there every day watching over it. Yeah, there was a spirit about it. Everybody was having such fun doing it.”

Van Dyke was honored at the Kennedy Center for his long and impressive career, but as far as he is concerned, his career isn’t over yet. He’s looking forward to his next opportunity to perform.

Many of Van Dyke’s fans are glad to see him still active, energetic and optimistic. One person wrote, “Such a multi talented actor. Dramas, comedies, musicals, you name it. He looks just like he did as the banker in Mary Poppins. One of the most talented actors there is.”

Another comment reads, “What a legend 95 and does not sit waiting for death but gets on with life and enjoys his life some old people should take note of this man!!”

Are you a fan of Dick Van Dyke? Does it inspire you that he’s still exercising at age 95? Do you think he’ll make it to 100?