Things change quickly, and nothing makes us realize that more than looking at pictures from the past and having a child point to something and ask, “What’s that?”

There are many things that were normal and very popular just 10 years ago back in 2010, but in 2020, it would seem bizarre if someone had one and actually used it. One what? Well, there are many examples from technology to fashion.

One Reddit user asked, “What was normal to have in 2010 but not 2020?” The responses are like a blast from the past. We used to have many of these things, and some of them are still hiding in a box in the garage or in the back of our closet.

Scroll down for 13 examples of things we all used to have and do back in 2010. Get ready to feel nostalgic.

  1. Do You Remember Jared?

    ErosPhotography wrote:

    Any respect for Jared the Subway guy.

  2. CD and DVD Drives

    SinisterCheese added:

    CD/DVD drive.Yesterday I took my laptop out, it’s a ThinkPad I run CAD stuff on. I wanted to play absolute fabulous dvd because I’m sick and bored, and wanted to lay in bed. Then I realised… I don’t have a device with a dvd/cd player.

  3. Chipmunk Remixes

    Written by Tempest_of_Yiling:

    Those chipmunk remixes of pop music. God I hated those

  4. We Had One

    Another Reddit user shared:

    A still functioning flip phone with no access to the internet.

  5. Hotmail Was Pretty Common

    Added by tensorhere:

    An email account other than Gmail

  6. There Were So Many Options

    I_am_Moby_Dick_AMA shared:

    “Funny” ringtones. Everyone had some ridiculous comedy ringtone for a couple of years there, and then in like 2011 we just mutually decided as a culture to keep our phones on vibrate.

  7. We Had Actually Forgotten About This

    minigibby2212 has a good one:

    Fear of the world ending in 2012.

  8. This Is Hopefully a Uniquely 2020 Problem

    Written by Socially_Awkward_2-0:

    Toilet paper and food on shelves

  9. So Many CDs

    Added by AstroFFA:

    Those zip up cd holder bags, I had like 5 completely full ones in my car at all times

  10. Your Phone Can Do It All

    Shared by Jack-M-y-u-do-dis:

    I guess carrying around a dedicated camera, music player, handheld gaming system and cell phone simply because you enjoy having them separate. People look at me like I’m an idiot nowadays.

  11. “Facebook Is for Boomers”

    Taman_Should wrote:

    A Facebook and Tumblr account you weren’t ashamed of. Now it’s all about Instagram or Twitter, and the consensus among younger people seems to be that Facebook is for Boomers. Tumblr lost a ton of users after they were bought by Yahoo, Yahoo did what Yahoo does and fucked it up, it got sold to Verizon at a loss, and Verizon cracked down on all the lewd art. But they’re somehow still limping along.

  12. Savings Account with Interest

    Shared by Yatta99:

    A regular savings account that gave several percent interest, even with only $200 in it. And you weren’t charged a maintenance fee on it because it was under the $300 minimum.

  13. Hummers

    Written by Ilyonectria:

    General Motors was still selling Hummers in 2010. I dont see any in my city anymore although I sometimes see them in Western Canada.