Well all tear up from time to time—whether it’s from a sad movie that resonates with us to witnessing our best friend’s wedding vows and so on.

These are pretty typical scenarios. A not-so-standard reason to get emotional? Finding a Band-Aid that’s a certain shade of skin.

That’s just what made Dominique Apollon have to wipe tears from his eyes. It sounds simple, but for someone with a dark skin ton, he was never able to find a bandage that blended into his skin before. And when he finally did, he couldn’t help but get overcome by a range of emotions.

“It’s taken me 45 trips around the sun, but for the first time in my life I know what it feels like to have a ‘Band-Aid’ in my own skin tone,” Apollon wrote on Twitter in a post that has since gone viral. “You can barely even spot it in the first image. For real I’m holding back tears.”

The photo of his hand with a dark bandage blended into it that he posted speaks for himself—and he’s right, you can barely even notice it at first glance.

Apollon says that he knew that the darker bandages must exist somewhere, but had no idea of the emotions that would overcome him when he finally found it. Who would’ve thunk, right? It’s just a Band-Aid! Except it’s so much more than that.

“Not like I didn’t know these strips existed. But I definitely didn’t expect the complex emotions that would swirl as I watched it just … blend in,” he wrote. “A seemingly trivial exercise I’ve repeated 1000x on my body with ‘regular’ ones since childhood. Self-administered #antiblackness.”

Of course, Apollon was happy to have finally found a Band-Aid that blends into his skin tone. But he found himself also feeling a little bit sad about it too.

“This felt like belonging. Like feeling valued. Sadness for my younger self and millions of kids of color, esp black kids,” he wrote on the post. “Like a reminder of countless spaces where my skin is still not welcomed. Feared. Hated. Like, “Why am I really thinking all this ’bout an effing Band-Aid?”

The Band-Aids came from a company called Tru-Colour Bandages, whose name speaks to what they do.

“Every wonder why bandages were only available in one skin-tone shade? We did,” the company writes on their website. “Because there’s beauty in individuality, no matter the skin tone. So find the right shade for you, and let’s celebrate together. #diversityinhealing.”

Tru-Colour provides bandages in three different colors—olive, brown, and dark brown, and they plan to get even more bandage colors out there in the future. They’re made of a high-quality fabric, are latex free, and meet high manufacturing standards. You can shop not only their bandages but also a range of retail items as well on their website here.

“It’s been an honour to provide skin-tone options focused toward people of colour in an industry that hadn’t seen a lot of change in nearly a century,” the company wrote.

Did you know that bandages in different skin tones existed? Is this something you ever thought about before?