With modern wedding videos being filmed like documentaries or movies, it’s no wonder that people can get sucked into a YouTube vortex of nuptials for hours. Join us today as we escort you into one couple’s intricately shot wedding video.

Told from the perspective of the groom, the film includes commentary from his best friends, pastor, and the bride’s father. The whole thing tugs at the heartstrings. C.J. Cesario and Lexi Elisha met in 2013, not long after he reaffirmed his spiritual faith.

Their wedding took place in July 2016, but when they shared this video almost a year later on social media, the internet collectively melted. As you watch the love-filled footage, you’ll hear the groom’s voice as he speaks about his journey to find true love:

“One truth I’ve come to know is that experiencing love and understanding love are two different entities.” Marinate on that for a moment. Really, he stopped looking and worked on becoming a better person.

Spliced in between shots of the couple saying their vows are scenes of everyone getting ready for the ceremony. Lexi and C.J. are separated from one another and each with their half of the wedding party, and then the moment comes when the groom is waiting at the altar for his lady to walk down the aisle.

Arm-in-arm with both of her parents, Lexi looks beautiful as she walks, but it’s the groom’s reaction that got everyone. As if all the heartwarming words weren’t enough to make all of us spectators cry, seeing his face when she enters the room does it.

Though his pastor and best man tried to console him, they too were having a hard time keeping it together. Aw, just watch! Standing face-to-face with his bride, Cesario continues to say in his vows that “It’s not about waiting for the right one but about being the right one.”

Well said! Keep listening to the two of them exchange vows and to hear what all of their friends and family had to say about this union. One of the things that C.J. and Lexi hold dear is their faith, and they both acknowledge that it is what brought the two of them together – in the beginning and for their lifetime.

We know this video clocks in at ten minutes, but if you’re feeling hopelessly romantic and want to cry happy tears, click it. The gown, the flowers, the toast, and oh, those vows will get you.

This video racked over 1 million views on YouTube, and fortunately, this love story went viral for all the right reasons. There was no cheating groom whose texts were shared, no vegans dis-inviting their carnivore relatives, no fainting best man, and no bride asking for guests to leave.

Grab your tissues and watch the magical moment – or moments – over and over until your heart’s content. Single folks, there’s hope!

Are you loving this entire wedding film? What do you think of the groom’s words and his first look reaction? Do you have a minor obsession with watching wedding videos online?