When it comes to food, it seems that there are many points of disagreement. We’re not just talking about flavor either.

Some people do debate about flavor, like how much cream is the right amount to put in a cup of coffee, but there are many other food variables out there. Here are some examples. Is cake better than cupcakes? Are hamburgers better than hotdogs? Is it better to cut your sandwich in rectangles or triangles?

This sandwich debate is actually pretty big. It turns out that a lot of people have a lot of very strong views on this subject, and then there are those of us that simply wonder if there really is a correct answer, or if it’s just personal preference.

Popular Mechanics wanted to find out if there really is a correct answer to the great sandwich cutting debate, so they set up a pole. At first, the results were evenly split, but then triangles pulled ahead for a very strong lead. In fact, it turns out that 75% of the people who voted prefer a sandwich that’s cut diagonally. 

Why? What makes a diagonally cut sandwich more appealing than a sandwich that’s cut into two rectangles? 

According to Boys Who Can Cook on Twitter, a sandwich cut in triangles has “more sandwich.” While this is scientifically impossible, we also see the reasoning. When you look at the triangles, the cut side is longer than any of the sides on a sandwich cut into rectangles, so it definitely gives the illusion of more sandwich. 


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The illusion of more sandwich also makes for a great photo op. Honestly, we’re much more likely to take a picture of a sandwich if it is cut into triangles. There’s just something about triangles that looks a little bit fancy, and it’s so much easier to see what’s inside.

If kids were voting on which way is the right way to cut a sandwich, the debate would probably have a lot more options. For example, no crusts would probably win, and the sandwich itself would probably involve some type of animal shape. 

Perhaps a sandwich expert can give us a real answer. When we think of sandwich experts, we think of companies that make food designed for sandwiches, such as Kraft singles. Do you remember seeing commercials of two halves of a grilled cheese sandwich being pulled apart? It turns out that Kraft hasn’t picked a side. They have used sandwiches cut in triangles and rectangles pretty much interchangeably throughout the years.

Maybe it really does just come down to personal preference.

How do you usually cut your sandwiches? Do you prefer rectangles, triangles or a different option?