Texas Family Builds a Stunning Backyard Pool in the Shape of Their Home State

We love summer. We love the warm weather and the long days. We love an excuse to go to the beach, and the opportunity to spend more time with our kids.

One thing we don’t love about summer is when the days get so hot and sticky that they’re simply unenjoyable. Thankfully, there are options for that. Sure, you could retreat into the air conditioning, but you don’t have to go inside to cool off.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a part of the country where you can easily drive to the beach, that’s a great option. Another great option is to find a swimming pool. Perhaps you have one in your backyard or you have a friend who has one. Many housing developments have community pools, and many towns have public pools.

Brittney Rogers lives in Pasadena, Texas, with her husband, Cody Rogers, and their two kids, Ellie and Keegan. Brittney and Cody both love their home, their family and the state of Texas.

Couples can’t always agree on everything though. Brittney wanted a swimming pool in the backyard. Cody wasn’t in love with the idea, but marriage, at least a good marriage, is about compromise, right? He eventually gave in, but he decided that if they were going to add a swimming pool it wasn’t going to be your typical pool.

When we think of a swimming pool we think of shapes like rectangles, circles, or a kidney-shaped pool is quite common. Maybe if you go above and beyond there would be extra landscaping with waterfalls or something fun for the kids like a pool slide or diving board.

The swimming pool that the Rogers family added to their backyard is unlike any of those typical pool shapes or styles. It’s in the shape of Texas. The huge pool is just under 30,000 gallons, and the shape isn’t the only thing that makes it extraordinary.

The panhandle part of the swimming pool is actually a hot tub, and the west Texas part of the pool has three fountain water features.

At night, the pool isn’t just a black hole. There are underwater lights that make the pool water glow a dark blue. This Texas family can have pool parties any time of the day or night!

We’re sure this family is going to enjoy cooling off in their new pool on many hot days and nights this summer.

What’s the most unusual swimming pool you’ve ever seen? Would you want a swimming pool shaped like your home state?