Texas Restaurant Receives National Attention After Backlash Over New Dress Code Policy

Every business has the right to enforce a dress code for both employees and customers. For example, you’ve probably seen signs that read, “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

One restaurant in Texas has decided that it’s necessary to spell out exactly what clothing is and what is not acceptable. Turkey Leg Hut explained that some customers have complained about what some other customers choose to wear while dining at the restaurant, and so the restaurant has come up with a dress code that they hope makes everyone feel comfortable.

Turkey Leg Hut describes itself as a “family friendly restaurant” and “not a club.” Therefore, they don’t want customers to wear revealing clothing, baggy clothing, swimwear, etc. Watch the video below to learn more about this new dress code from Turkey Leg Hut.

On social media, many people praised Turkey Leg Hut for enforcing a dress code that promoted a family friendly environment. One comment reads, “Thank you for enforcing a dress code! Alot of people these days, are just not trained right. I’m glad you all are speaking up and teaching them.”

Another person wrote, “What’s really sad is you have to tell grown people how to dress in public…they should have more pride in themselves and present themselves appropriately. Good for you Turkey leg hut for trying to change.”

However, other people felt that the dress code needs to match the establishment and that although Turkey Leg Hut is calling itself family friendly, there isn’t a kids menu and it seems to present itself with more of a club vibe. One person wrote, “Of course business owners have the right to change their dress code policy…. But I will say this… it’s not that folks don’t know how to dress in public.. people dress according to where they’re going. If I’m going to a fine dining establishment, I’ll dress as such. If I’m going to a club atmosphere… I’ll dress as such. Point I’m trying to make if they’re changing the dress code… I hope they change the atmosphere to match their expectations. It’s been a while since I’ve been… but when I went (during the day)… there was loud trap music…and a bathroom attendant . I was definitely getting “club” or Lounge vibes. I almost felt like my kids were out of place. no shade… I enjoyed my time there… I’m just a firm believer that in order for a business to be well rounded… service, quality, atmosphere, price need to compliment one another.”

Another Facebook user wrote, “I went tonight and it was most def lounge vibes hookahs good food good music good drank but that menu ain’t family friendly cause it’s no kid menus and I’m sure in the hell not gonna get my 4 year a 20 dollar turkey leg to mess over.”