If you’re anything like us, you start thinking about Halloween way before October hits. In fact, we’ve been known to devise the blueprints for our Halloween-themed decorating schemes as early as July! Yep, it might seem weird for someone to be laying the groundwork for their fall-time fun in triple-digit weather, but if you love the holiday as much as we do, you definitely understand!

So, when stores come out with cute, imaginative, and just plain scary decorations that actually look like ones we’ve never seen before, we’re all over it. Just recently, we were perusing Target’s site late one night, per usual, and we came across something that gave us some immediate “Christmas in the summer” feels–a slew of spanking-new Halloween decorations!

Because we love you just as much as we love Halloween, we sifted through all of the pages to bring you a curated list of the best of the best spooky decor. Here are 9 of our favorite Halloween decorations, straight from the Target website. The best news? They’re all available for pre-order. You can’t thank us later…

  1. Halloween French Bulldog Skeleton

    It’s the perfect fall gift for a French Bulldog lover! Place it either on a tabletop in your home or even on your porch. Everyone needs a guard dog for all of those creepy trick-or-treaters, right?

    Price: $15

  2. Hallow’s Eve Ghost Succulent

    You don’t need to have a green thumb to display this adorable ghost succulent! This artificial plant which is housed in a cute, little ghost-shaped holder is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party.

    Price: $3

  3. Halloween Wood Beware Tabletop Sign

    If shabby-chic is more your style, then look no further than this understated, yet elegantly-ghoulish sign. Who knew Halloween could be so hip?

    Price: $8

  4. Halloween Purple Skull

    Add some glamour to Halloween with this tabletop, purple skull. Talk about a “bewitching” accessory!

    Price: $3

  5. LED Pumpkin String Lights

    Who said string lights were just for Christmas? These jack-o-lantern-shaped LEDs will help you bring some added light to Halloween night!

    Price: $10

  6. Halloween Skull Wood Serving Tray

    Is Halloween more of a culinary holiday for you than it is a spooky one? If so, don’t forget to add some dashes of creepiness to your tabletop decorations. Our choice? This chic, Ouija Board-inspired serving tray.

    Price: $20

  7. Halloween Lighted Green Cat Eyes

    These aren’t your standard, sticky window decals! These haunting cat eyes actually shine brightly with a whopping 30 light bulbs. That’s one way to mesmerize your trick-or-treaters!

    Price: $20

  8. Halloween Fabric Bird Witch, Cat, Pumpkin

    Ok, do we really have to sell you on these adorable figurines?! Halloween has never been cuter!

    Price: $15

  9. Halloween Animated Wheel of Fate

    Looking for a Halloween-themed game to breathe life into your very own spooky celebration? If so, then this chilling take on Wheel of Fortune is for you!

    Price: $20

We’d love to hear your take on these adorable Halloween decorations! Which one is your favorite? Do you plan on preordering it? What’s your favorite way to celebrate Halloween?