When it comes time to decorate for Christmas one decoration that you almost have to have is a Christmas tree. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without one. After all, where would Santa leave the presents if there weren’t a tree near the fireplace?

When it comes to Christmas trees, there are two types to consider, real or fake. Both have their positives and negatives and many people have strong reasons for their preferences.

Fake Christmas trees can be less expensive over time since they last year after year. You also don’t have to water them, and many even come pre-lit. However, you have to store the huge Christmas tree box the rest of the year, and a fake Christmas tree is never going to look or smell quite like the real thing.

Real Christmas trees do need some care, but you can’t beat the smell of pine or the experience of going to pick one out at a Christmas tree farm or even chopping down your own tree. However, it can be sad throwing the tree away after the holidays are over, and over time, the cost of buying a new tree every year can add up. You also might find your pets trying to drink the Christmas tree’s water.

One family in Irvine, CA has been experiencing the best of both worlds when it comes to Christmas trees. It may seem impossible, but they have had the same real Christmas tree for the past 34 years.

Back in 1983, the family purchased a Christmas tree that was just 2 feet tall. When Christmas was over, they didn’t want to throw the tree away, so they repotted it and have kept it ever since.

This tree looks a little funny because the family trimmed it at the top so that it wouldn’t hit the ceiling. Once it was trimmed, instead of growing taller, it started growing wider.

We’re not ones to complain about a less than perfectly shaped Christmas tree. The fact that this family has been able to reuse the same real Christmas tree every year seems amazing to us, and we love this unique tradition that their family is literally keeping alive year after year.

For more about how this family has kept their real Christmas tree alive and thriving, watch the video below.

Is your Christmas tree real or fake? Would you want to reuse the same real Christmas tree every year?