23 DIY Projects and Clever Ideas to Make Summer Even Better

Summertime is upon us. PRAISE. Gone are the days of binge watching Netflix bundled up in three layers of clothes and blankets, sipping soup in an attempt to pretend like it’s above freezing, and weeping over the sad, frozen remains of your garden. It’s officially time to get out and enjoy the sun, warm summer breezes, and the luscious green lawn you deserve. But while we love summer (seriously, summer, never go) every season has it’s drawbacks…and our beloved summer is no different. To make the most out of this season of sunshine and outdoor fun, try some of these 23 projects and clever tips to take summer to the next level.

  1. Keep Beer Cold


    The best way to drink beer in the summer? Cold and outside with some shades on. Unfortunately, cold beer and hot sun don’t really go together. Try this amazing hack and create your own cooler that will keep beer ice cold and refreshing.

  2. DIY Water Blob

    Homemade Toast

    One tricky thing about summer is keeping the kids entertained while they’re not in school. This fun DIY water blob is a cool new take on the traditional slip n’ slide, and your kids are guaranteed to have hours of free fun!

  3. DIY Sprinkler

    Housing a Forest

    Is there anything more refreshing (for kids and adults) than running through a nice, cold sprinkler on a hot summer day? It screams summer fun! No sprinkler system? No problem. You can make your own sprinkler for next to nothing with this DIY.

  4. Giant Bubbles


    To really keep the kids (or you…) entertained for hours, these giant bubbles will do the trick. Don’t waste money on those rinky-dink little bottles – go big or go home! And these are not just for kids…I will be playing with this DIY this summer. No shame.

  5. Sand-Free Beach Legs

    Austin Kirk

    The ultimate beach conundrum: leaving the sandy shores…and bringing the sand with you. In your car, in your clothes, and in your house. Well, here’s an easy trick. Sprinkle some baby powder on your body beforehand and the sand won’t stick! Keep that sand where it belongs – the beach.

  6. DIY Pallet Table

    HOW TO: Live Your Style

    What’s the point of enjoying the beautiful summer weather if you have no patio furniture to enjoy it on! Instead of going out to buy a new outdoor table, make your own. All you need is a few pallets and you can make your own furniture with your own flare.

  7. DIY Summer Cover Up

    Theodora & Callum

    A summer necessity is the cover up. You need something light, breezy, but not TOO fancy to cover up after the pool, a swim at the beach, or just while lounging around in the hot weather. If you’re scrambling to go out and buy one, don’t bother! Instead, using this crafty trick, turn your pretty spring scarves into a fashionably free cover up.

  8. Perfect Ice Coffee


    Another great thing about summer: iced coffee! Ditch your hot beverages for something cold and refreshing. But in the heat, those ice cubes melt faster watering down (and essentially ruining) your java. So what’s a coffee lover to do? Try this little hack! Coffee ice cubes – made from frozen, leftover hot coffee – will keep your drink cold and strong no matter what the temperature gets to.

  9. Grill the Perfect Steak

    Everyday Food

    There is no better time to grill than summer. But what’s the point if your steaks just keep burning? Pull of the perfect steak with these clever grilling tricks.

  10. DIY Beach Speaker


    So you want to lounge with some music at the beach but you can’t connect to the Bluetooth speaker or you don’t want to get sand in it…we get it. To get your tunes without risking your REAL speakers, try making your own DIY speaker using just a toilet paper roll.

  11. Be Prepared

    Highwaystarz via Dollar Photo Club

    Just because the weather is beautiful doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. We’ve compiled a few must-haves to stock your car with in case of a summertime accident or breakdown. The most important? A jug of water, bug spray, and sunscreen.

  12. Hide Your Money at the Beach

    nevodka via Deposit Photos

    Usually you have to bring money to the beach. There are usually fees to pay and ice creams to buy. But if you don’t want to leave your wallet hanging around, try storing it in an old shampoo bottle. This way you can covertly keep your money on you without making it obvious that you have money at all.

  13. Get Rid of Fruit Flies


    Fruit flies become ravenous in the summer, hovering around your fresh fruit like…well, flies. As a quick trick to get rid of them, put some old fruit in a Tupperware container with the lid off. Once enough flies have been sucked in by your bait, close the lid and bid those flies adieu.

  14. Keep Sand Off the Blanket

    HisGirl777 Via YouTube

    We’re back to that same summer conundrum: sand. Instead of bringing your regular towels or beach blanket, consider bringing a fitted sheet along instead…just not the one you’re using on your bed right now. An old fitted sheet is comfy like your regular beach blanket, but by putting something firm in each corner, the ends will lift up, making it tough for sand to bother your sunbathing.

  15. DIY Mosquito Repellent

    Ray @ TipHero

    When summer comes back so do those pesky mosquitoes. Banish mosquitoes fast with this DIY repellent – it’s even made in a fancy mason jar, so it can double as patio decor! Sweeeet.

  16. Create the Ultimate Spritzer 

    The Kitchn

    Wine is an all-year treat. But let’s be real, in the sticky months to come, we want wine that’s light and fresh, not heavy. Try this little wine cube hack to get fresh, instantly cool wine spritzers.

  17. Get Silky Smooth Legs

    Paul Hakimata via Dollar Photo Club

    Whether this pumps you up or makes you groan, summer means baring some skin. Unless you still rock long sleeve shirts and jeans all summer long, in which case, proceed. But if you’re skin IS going to be showing for all the world to see, make sure it’s baby soft and glowing with this DIY beauty hack. This is the perfect balm to keep your legs moisturized in the withering summer sun.

  18. DIY Sidewalk Chalk

    What's Up Moms

    Another fun way to keep the kids outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, and having fun! Using only two ingredients, you can make your very own sidewalk chalk in whatever shapes and colors you’d like.

  19. Beat the Heat

    Kira Troilo

    Not a fan of the heat? You need something ice cold to cool you down. This homemade sorbet requires only one ingredient and is so simple to make – 90 degree weather will feel like nothing.

  20. Keep the Kids Cool

    Smart School House

    It’s not just you that needs to beat the heat! If you have work to do outside and don’t want to leave the baby, or if you just want your kids to be able to enjoy the weather, you can bring the crib outside. Just bring a fitted sheet, too. Place your baby in a shady area in your line of sight and cover with the sheet. This makes for extra breathable shade for the baby.

  21. Protect Your Phone

    Smart School House

    Nervous to have your phone and keys around the pool? We don’t blame you. One little slip – and there goes your iPhone in the deep end. Keep plastic containers, like this peanut butter jar, to hold your valuables in by the pool! They won’t break or let in water.

  22. DIY Drive-In Movie

    One of my family’s favorite things about summer is going to the drive-in! Make your own drive-in movie theater right in your back yard with some blow up pools and a handy projector.

23. Pallet Patio Set

No place to chill on the patio? Forget the store bought patio chairs and make your own! Using a few pallets (that you can buy for cheap or even get from junk yards), construct a comfy chair for two. You can even paint it a fun summer color and deck it out (see what I did?) in decorative pillows.


Do you have any tips and tricks to make the most of summer? Share them in the comments section below.