Summer may be the season of poolside lounging, tanning on the beach, and general relaxation, but that doesn’t mean the season doesn’t come along with its own set of difficulties. Keeping cool (and keeping your drinks cool) in the insane heat being one of the hardest. If you’re looking for some clever tips to make some new summer snacks, beat the heat, or come up with some fun games, look no further than this handy video from DaveHax.

This is essentially the ultimate guide to all summer hacks, some you’ve been wanting to try and some you may have never even thought of! Watch the video below to learn how to hack your summer.

You can hack pretty much any part of summer. Seriously, all the best parts of summer (barbecuing, water balloon fights, swimming, popsicles) are seriously covered in this comprehensive video of seasonal tips and tricks.

There are so many brilliant hacks crammed into this video, it’s probably hard to catch them all. So we outlined all the hacks from the video above just below, so you don’t have to keep rewinding to remember each trick!

1 . DIY Frozen Yogurt

Want a cold snack to keep you cool, but don’t have any ice cream or froyo in the freezer? Don’t go out and buy a carton! All you need to make your own frozen yogurt are little yogurt containers and spoons.

Cut slits on the top of your yogurt containers and stick your spoons (or any stick you’d like), right into the yogurt. Pop these in the freezer and the next day you’ll have froyo pops in your favorite flavors.

Homemade strawberry yogurt popsTipHero

2. Stop Dripping Pops

So you’re enjoying your pops…but the heat has them dripping all over your hands. No one likes sticky fingers from drippy pops. Minimize the drip by putting cupcake liners over your popsicle sticks. These will catch the drip and keep your hands dry.

3. Keep Spritzers Cold

About to enjoy a wine spritzer? I’d guess you don’t like your spritzer hot or even room temperature. Don’t blame you.

To keep your drink cool and delicious, put some fruit in a plastic bag (you can store a variety of fruits like strawberries, grapes, or blueberries) and freeze the fruits. Once frozen, you can use them as edible ice cubes in your next wine spritzer. Now that’s refreshing.

Bonus Tip: Freeze wine into cubes so you can keep your spritzers cold AND prevent them from getting watered down.

UltimateSummerWineCooler The Kitchn

4. Keep Bottles Cold

If you need to keep an entire bottle cold (hey, no judgment here), try wrapping the bottle in paper towel. Then soak the paper towel in cold water and stick the bottle in the fridge. The water in the paper will chill and keep the coolness trapped inside the glass.

5. DIY Cooler

Nothing says summer like picnics! But if you’re looking to bring drinks (which, in this weather, we suggest you do!), try keeping them cool by making your own, mobile cooler.

Bring a box, a plastic bag, and some ice along with your drinks – the box can even be the one your drinks came in. Empty the box and use the plastic bag as a liner, filling it with your drinks and ice. There you have it, a DIY cooler.

Simple Beer Cool BoxDaveHax

6. DIY Watering Can

Your garden looks beautiful in summer weather, but your plants also need extra TLC in the heat. If you don’t have a watering can, your flowers are bound to die. At the very least, feeding them just got that much harder.

You don’t need to go out and buy a watering can, you can make your own using a large, empty container with a screw-on plastic top. Take the top and use a pin to poke small holes in the plastic. Fill the container with water and screw the top back on – instant watering can.

7. Fill Water Balloons Fast

Summer is the perfect time for a water balloon war! Whether you’re kids or adults, this is a fun way to beat the heat.

Want to fill your ammo but don’t want to leave your base? Fill up an empty soap dispenser with water so you can fill water balloons right where you are. If you really want to go crazy, invest in one of those 100 balloon makers – these bad boys will fill 100 water balloons in minutes.

That’s one way to tell your friends you mean business.

8. Hide Valuables

Whether you’re at the beach or at the park, you want to be outside as much as possible in the summer. Hide rolled-up money in an empty chap-stick container, and use bigger containers (like a wipes containers or sunscreen bottles) to hide your phone, wallet, or larger valuables.

Some useful summer life hacks to make summer more enjoyableDaveHax

9. Hack Your Phone

The last thing you want is to drop your phone in the pool. That is one way to ruin summer in an instant. Waterproof your phone by using it from inside a plastic baggie.

Want to watch a video but don’t want to hold up your phone on the beach? Avoid glare by using your sunglasses as a makeshift phone stand. Now you can watch videos on the beach or anywhere!

10. Your Grill

No means to start your grill? Shockingly, Doritos are extremely flammable. This is due to the small particles of cheese dust on the chips; they’re very quick to catch flame. If you don’t have Doritos, use cotton balls and Vaseline to get a similar effect. Cover the cotton in Vaseline to make instant kindling.

Use Doritos as kindling when in a pinchDaveHax

Do you have any tricks to make summer living easier? Share them in the comments section below.