Change can be hard, especially when change involves having to say goodbye to something you enjoy. This could mean heading home after an amazing vacation or throwing away a well-loved toy that doesn’t work anymore. These types of changes can be sad. Just ask any parent who has bought a back-up toy for their child’s favorite doll or lovey.

Sometimes the things we say goodbye to are a little bit simpler, like food we enjoy. Some people give up their favorite foods voluntarily, like when they commit to a keto diet. Some people have no choice, like when one of their favorite restaurants stops selling their favorite menu item.

If you enjoy dining at Subway, we have potentially bad news (depending on what you usually order there). Subway has quietly removed two menu items at most locations. On Twitter, fans of the fast food chain are saying that the rotisserie chicken and the roast beef are no longer available.

While there has not been an official confirmation that the rotisserie chicken and roast beef have permanently been removed from the menu, Subway has alluded to this being true.

Subway has responded to several Twitter users saying that the missing menu items might be available at some locations. That can only lead us to believe that these menu items are indeed missing from most (and possibly all) locations.

Some Twitter users who work at Subway have also made it clear that the rotisserie chicken and roast beef are no longer available.

For some people, the missing menu items equals taking their business elsewhere.

Now for the (kind of) good news. $5 footlongs are back. The catch is that you have to buy two footlongs in order to get the deal.

Call your local Subway location before you rush over there to take advantage of this deal. Some franchisees are not honoring the deal because it costs them too much money.

What’s your favorite menu item at Subway? Does it surprise you that Subway would remove the rotisserie chicken and roast beef from their menus?