While a lot of planning and preparation takes place before a couple’s wedding, one thing that isn’t talked about as much is the planning and preparation that takes place for the honeymoon.

A honeymoon is usually taken right after a wedding, and it’s a trip that the couple traditionally goes on together. We know; you already know this, but stick with us because some couples are breaking tradition.

We love to travel, and one of our favorite things about planning our own wedding was planning our honeymoon. We even bought a few new clothes for the trip. It was great looking forward to traveling with our new spouse, just the two of us at last!

Often the trip is to a dream destination, perhaps somewhere exotic, but it can be a local trip. The idea is for the couple to spend time together.

Well, there’s a new trend that turns the idea of a honeymoon on its head. It’s called a solomoon as in taking the “honey” out of honeymoon and replacing it with “solo” as in alone. Why? It’s a honeymoon that you take alone.

We know. The idea sounds a little bizarre. And, no, it’s not a new word for a vacation that single people take. It’s really something that people who were just married are doing – ditching the honeymoon and taking separate trips.

It’s certainly unconventional, and couples who are going on these trips, say that’s a big part of the idea – they want to break tradition.

Instead of trying to decide on a destination with their significant other, they simply plan separate trips. These trips might be taken completely alone, but they could also look and feel more like a girls trip and a guys trip where the bride and groom go on a vacation with their friends instead of their spouse.

The whole idea of getting married is because you met someone that you love and want to spend the rest of your life with, right? So, we would think that the new couple would look forward to spending time together, especially when they just got married.

Yes, it’s important to spend time separately, but marriage takes a lot of compromise. If you can’t decide on a destination for your honeymoon, that might not bode well for your marriage.

No, deciding on a destination is not the only reason couples choose to take separate solomoons. Like we already mentioned, breaking tradition plays into it a lot. These couples are deliberately defying the norm. Some couples also point to different work schedules as a reason for the separate trips.

For more about this new trend in post-wedding vacation plans, watch the video below.


What do you think about the idea of a solomoon instead of a traditional honeymoon? If you’re married, where did you go for your honeymoon?