21 Stocking Stuffers That You Can Get on Amazon for Under $20

Not everyone likes shopping for holiday gifts. For some, this can be because it seems like a waste of time or money. For others, they simply don’t know what to buy so they wait until the last minute when all the good gifts are sold out.

Don’t procrastinate. Now is the time to buy those holiday gifts when there’s still plenty of time for them to arrive before your work gift exchange or your virtual Christmas party.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great gift. The trick is to get something that someone would use but that they don’t already have. No matter what the people on your gift list like, you can easily find a great gift for under $20 on this list.

Scroll down and get ready to complete your holiday shopping while staying on budget. The best part is that all of these gifts are available on Amazon, so you can easily have them shipped directly to you or to the person you’re giving the gift to. Especially during a pandemic when we’re not having big family gatherings, this is a convenient way to send your gift across town or across the country in just a few days (if you’re a Prime member).

  1. Flipbook Kit

    Artistic kids and adults can create their own animations with this unique stocking stuffer.

  2. Keychain Hand Sanitizer Holder

    It is 2020, so hand sanitizer is a big deal. Make it easy and stylish for your loved ones to keep hand sanitizer with them at all times with this keychain hand sanitizer holder that can easily clip onto anything.

  3. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    We’re all online more than ever before for work, school and socializing, so blue light blocking glasses are a great gift idea. This pair from TIJN comes in 16 different colors.

  4. Shea Butter Sweet Almond Hand Cream

    Many people tend to get dry skin on their hands in the winter, so deliciously scented hand cream is always a welcome gift. This stocking-stuffer size hand cream comes in 16 different scents.

  5. Cute Slippers That Clean the Floor

    This fun gift does double duty keeping your feet warm while also polishing the floors and picking up dirt and dust. They come in 15 different color/animals options. Choose from pink bunnies, green frogs and more.

  6. 6 Pack of Succulent Cactus Candles

    These adorable candles look like real succulents, and the festive red and green make them holiday appropriate.

  7. Christmas Mad Libs

    Encourage some silly fun with this Christmas version of the popular Mad Libs books. It makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone who likes to laugh.

  8. Wallet Ninja

    Think of this gift like a credit card-sized pocket knife, except, it’s not a knife.

  9. Chopstick Light Sabers

    Eating with chopsticks has never been more fun! There are 11 different options to choose from, but we think this set of 2 is particularly festive for Christmas. You can easily turn them on and off with the push of a button.

  10. 2021 Planner

    Although our 2020 planner didn’t get much use, we’re ready to fill a 2021 planner with things to look forward to. This is the gift of preparing for a great 2021. This particular planner comes with 5 different cover options so the person on your gift list can choose the one he or she likes best.

  11. Build-On Brick Mug

    Any LEGO fan will love this mug that lets him or her customize the cup any way he or she can dream up. Kids young and old will be fascinated by this for hours. It even comes with 3 packs of LEGOs.

  12. Reusable Metal Straws

    We’re all for saving the lives of animals, but we don’t really like paper straws. These reusable metal straws are the perfect solution. They’re easy to transport and easy to wash. This is truly a great gift for anyone who likes to drink out of a straw.

  13. Twinkling Wet Brush

    The little fashionista on your shopping list will love this hair brush that lights up. We think it has major singing into the hair brush vibes.

  14. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

    Drinking water has never tasted so delicious! This 32 ounce water bottle comes in 5 colors and include a recipe book. Give the gift of hydration!

  15. Shredder Claws

    If you have someone on your shopping list who likes to cook or grill, these shredder claws will be a very useful gift. They make it easy to shred virtually any meat without using a knife or fork.

  16. Initial Necklace

    Choose any letter of the alphabet to easily customize this gold initial necklace. It’s a great gift idea for any lady on your shopping list.

  17. Rubik’s Cube

    A Rubik’s Cube is a classic game that never gets old. Challenge kids, teens or adults to this fun game that makes a great gift.

  18. Harmonica

    Give some musical fun that fits in your pocket with the gift of a stainless steel harmonica.

  19. Snowball Maker

    If you live somewhere cold, this snowball maker makes a snowball fight even more fun. If you live by the beach, it can also be used to make balls out of sand!

  20. A Pencil You Can Plant

    It’s very rare that we use a pencil under it’s completely gone. That little bit of pencil left at the end seems like a waste, but not with these pencils! When you’re done using it as a pencil, you can plant it to grow herbs, flowers or vegetables!

  21. Conversation Starters

    Choose from 14 different topics, and you’ll never run out of conversation starters. This is a wonderful gift that can even be used in today’s climate via Zoom get-togethers.