Sting Puts His Own Twist on ‘Jeopardy!’ Theme Song By Adding His Own Lyrics

When we think of the show “Jeopardy!”, two things immediately jump to mind. First, we think of the late Alex Trebek. We also think of the show’s theme song. Actually, we even hear the theme song playing in our head while we picture Trebek.

Since Trebek passed away, a series of guest hosts have taken turns taking over his role on the show. Currently, the show’s guest host is Katie Couric. Even though she was hosting the show on the episode that aired Thursday, there was a special guest presenter for one particular category.

During the first round of questions, one of the categories was called Sting. All of the questions were about the singer Sting, and Sting himself read the clues in that category to the contestants.

At the very end of the show, Sting had even prepared a special song to perform for the show. It seems that being a part of the show really meant a lot to him because he wrote very personal lyrics to go with the show’s theme song.

The lyrics go: “Of all the things in my CV / Everything in life from A to Z / But how I wish my ma could see / Here I am on ‘Jeopardy!’ / Here I am on ‘Jeopardy!”

Watch the video below to see Sting’s performance for yourself.

Fans of Sting and “Jeopardy!” are loving these lyrics and Sting’s performance. One viewer wrote, “Love it! Admittedly I’ll love nearly anything Sting does, but this is a charming surprise, both whimsical and poignant given the loss of Alex. I want to know how Sting’s voice keeps improving with age? The lines are smoother, his vibrato steadier (and that’s something that usually gets less steady as one ages!)… He just seems ever more in command of his unique instrument than ever. He also wins the final round of Jeopardy with the deceptive cadence before we get to the real ending. Nicely done.”

Another comment expresses that Trebek would approve. “Great words to one of the best iconic game shows! Alex Trebek is very happy with this and looking down with happy tears of joy.”

Many people don’t know it, but the “Jeopardy” theme song actually does have lyrics. Merv Griffin wrote the show’s theme song and the lyrics which go like this: “We’re in trouble — trouble deep! / We’re imperiled and endangered. / We’re in trouble, yes indeed, / We are all in Jeopardy!”

Did you know that the “Jeopardy!” theme song has words? What do you think of the lyrics Sting wrote for the “Jeopardy!” theme song?