There are some things that are commonly liked by boys more than girls and vice versa. For example, girls are usually more into Barbies and Disney princesses than boys are. Boys are usually more into superheroes and sci-fi than girls. This is not always true, and no child should be told that he or she can’t like something simply because of his or her gender.

One 5-year-old girl came home from school and told her mom what a 5-year-old boy said about her shoes. She was wearing Star Wars shoes, shoes she picked out herself. The boy told her “Star Wars is for boys.”

In response, the girl’s mom posted a picture of the shoes on Twitter and tagged Mark Hamill, hoping to get a response from the actor who portrays Luke Skywalker. She wrote, “My 5 year old daughter picked these shoes, and a boy at school said Star Wars is for boys. She said Star Wars is for girls too. What do you think @HamillHimself ?”

Mark Hamill responded, and it was perfect. He retweeted the post and wrote #StarWarsIsForEveryone.

Hamill isn’t the only one who jumped into the conversation to agree that Star Wars is definitely not just for boys. Twitter users pointed out that Princess Lei and Rey prove that Star Wars is definitely for girls.

This 5-year-old girl is far from the only girl who has been told that Star Wars is not for girls, but that’s not stopping other girls from loving Star Wars.

Are you a Star Wars fan? How would you respond if someone told your daughter “Star Wars is for boys”?