Here’s a Little-Known Fact About Barbie That Mattel Recently Shared

Once in a blue moon, we learn something that feels so brand new and life-changing that it takes a moment to sink in. It also takes a few longer moments to learn that the news we received really ain’t news at all. And someone will say, “Duh, you didn’t know that?”

Today, we have a prime example of that. We’ve grown accustomed to recognizing certain figures in pop culture who go by one name only – like Bono, Pink, Cher, and Rihanna – sometimes to the point that we forget they have last names.

And there’s one iconic one-name figure who’s recently managed to set the internet ablaze with just a casual mention of her last name: Barbie. What? You didn’t know either? Whether you were in the dark or simply haven’t cared all these years, you’re going to learn today.

Back on April 10th, somebodies somewhere were all celebrating what’s been deemed as National Siblings Day.  Perhaps you were tagging your sister or brother on social media or sending them heartfelt texts. Barbie, ever the up-to-speed maven that she is, posted a message on her official Twitter account, @Barbie.

All it said was “Happy #Siblings Day, from the Roberts sisters!” and appeared with a picture of the doll and her younger sisters posing.

And that’s when the confusion erupted. Wait, what? The WHO sisters?? People had questions and demanded answers, not only about her name, but also her sisters. Down the rabbit hole they went.

Barbie’s full name is actually Barbara Millicent Roberts. When she first came on the scene in 1959, she was named after the creator’s (Ruth Handler) daughter. Barbie also had storylines that played out in a set of 1960s novels, where her parents were named Margaret and George Roberts.

If that history’s not enough for you and the sister thing is still throwing you off, let’s explore. The only one I can remember is Skipper, so I too am wondering who her other sisters are. As it turns out, she’s had a few sisterly incarnations over the years, but the two most recent versions are Stacie and Chelsea.

Chelsea is the replacement for Kelly who first appeared in the mid 1990s. Oh, and her dapper boyfriend Ken? He’s got a last name too – it’s Carson. We know it’s a lot to keep track of, but if you have someone in your life who plays with Barbie or you’re in shock, then it helps to be in the know.

Click on this video below to hear some of the funny responses people posted once they learned of Barbie’s surname. Moments like these tend to make people feel nostalgic, and it’s also reminder of how long the doll and her crew have been around. It’s been generations!

If you didn’t realize you were calling Barbie by her nickname, you too can share in the confusion while thanking Mattel for this educational tidbit. As it goes, no matter what version you have of her, you can still call her Barbie.

Did you know Barbie had a last name? What about Ken? What do you think of the hilarious reactions on social media?