We might have mentioned it once, or twice, or an uncountable number of times before, but there’s really nothing we love as much as a beautifully-decorated cake. We’ve always wanted to be able to create such edible art in the comfort of our home kitchens, and it turns out, it’s actually simpler than we thought to get started, even when the goal is something as multicolored and lovely as this ruffly design from Cake Style. All we need is a star piping tip, this step-by-step tutorial, and one clever trick to get that tri-colored design. Here’s how it’s done.




  1. Add ganache frosting layers to your cake.
  2. Chill for 10 minutes.
  3. Add another layer of ganache frosting, and chill for another 10 minutes.
  4. Tint the buttercream frosting blue, purple and pink. Put each color into a small piping bag, then put all three bags into a large piping bag fitted with a 1M piping tip.
    Create multicolored flowers by putting 3 icing colors in 1 piping bagCakeStyle in Rumble
  5. Start piping! Gently squeeze out dollops onto the side of the cake, working around and up.
    Piping pink blue and purple frosting flowers onto cakeCakeStyle in Rumble
  6. Keep turning the bag as you go to get a variety of color placements, and refill the frosting as needed.

It’s really such a simple method, but you just cannot argue with these results! We don’t know if we should call these flowers, ruffles, stars, or something else, but we do know that the final product definitely deserves to be called gorgeous.

Finished pink blue and purple cake decorated using a star tipCakeStyle in Rumble

What we love about this simple method is you can use whatever cake recipe you want, really, and tint the vanilla buttercream any color you prefer. Want a cake that’s a swirl of red, yellow and orange, or maybe red, white and blue? Just dye the vanilla buttercream what you want, use the 3-in-1 piping bag method, and you’re off to the cake decorating races. If you’d like to use the exact recipes seen here, Cake Style’s sharing them on her site. Be sure to watch the full video of the cake decorating action, and tell us if you give this fun technique a try!