Wow! It’s Hard to Believe These 25 Cakes Are Really Cakes!

Sometimes, a cake is just a cake. Other times? A cake is incredible, edible art— and we just can’t get enough! We don’t mean eating them, either; oh no. When a cake looks this beautiful, we’re satisfied just looking at it. Plus, we’d feel pretty guilty cutting into it! Still, these impressive designs were meant to be eaten, and that makes all the work and creativity that goes into them that much more special. Take a look at some of our favorite decorated cakes that we can’t even believe ARE cakes and get inspired, get ideas— and get hungry!

  1. Rose

    This budding rose is made entirely out of vanilla cake, buttercream and modelling chocolate. We know. We still can’t believe it either.

  2. Chocolate Candy Bar

    What’s more fun than turning a cake into another tasty treat? The possibilities are endless, like this candy bar . . .

  3. Pouring Candies

    . . . this gravity-defying concoction . . .

  4. Box of Chocolates

    . . . or an entire box of candy!

  5. Tiger Tail

    Next time you need a cake, take a walk on the wild side.

  6. This Little Piggy

    Can’t get enough of animals? Invite this pig . . .

  7. Hedgehog

    . . . this hedgehog . . .

  8. Birdhouse

    . . . and these birds to the party!

  9. Tree Stump

    Feeling rustic chic? Try a tree stump cake much tastier than bark.

  10. Chocolate Petals

    This one looks like an elegant dress or a ballerina, don’t you think?

  11. Legos

    This cake is sure to take you straight back to childhood.

  12. Pizza

    Pizza pie? No! Pizza CAKE!

  13. Frappuccino

    Nope, that’s not a close-up of a Starbucks drink. It’s a cake!

  14. Patriotic Flag

    Just in time for the Fourth of July comes this cake that’s not only topped with the red-white-and-blue, but has a flag INSIDE it.

  15. Back to School

    This one will get your kids excited for school— or at least art class.

  16. The House From Up

    Kids, kids-at-heart, and Disney/Pixar fans will love this one!

  17. Fairy Tale Carriage

    If classic Disney is more your speed, take a ride in Cinderella’s coach.

  18. The Sorting Hat

    Prefer the world of Harry Potter? Let the Sorting Hat show you your dessert destiny.

  19. Beer Bucket

    Keep this one away from the drinks— somebody’s definitely going to reach for a beer and get a handful of cake instead. It’s that realistic!

  20. Stacked Books

    Paging all bibliophiles! Grab a good read . . .

  21. Library

    . . . or visit the library!

  22. Nikon Camera

    The photographer in your life will love this one.

  23. Lipstick

    Indulge in more than one kind of beauty with a cake shaped like your favorite make-up product . . .

  24. Vanity

    . . . or take it one step further with an entire vanity!

  25. Amelanistic Burmese Python

    This one looks WAY too real. I’d be afraid to eat it!

How awesome are these cakes?! So many bakers have so much creativity and skill; it’s amazing. What’s the most impressive cake you’ve ever seen— or eaten?! Have you ever attempted to make something like one of these cakes yourself? Check out this gallery from Bored Panda and tell us your cake tales!