Have you ever encountered a staircase that made you say, “NOPE?” You know, those staircases that just had to have been designed by a bloodthirsty architect who gets their kicks from knowing that their felonious flights will cause more than a few tumbles–and likely some broken bones, too!

Generally, these stair design fails come equipped with backless steps that make you feel like you’re floating, rusty rails that require a tetanus booster upon contact, and spiral steps that are straight out of an M.C. Escher painting. That said, some of the most lethal examples are also the most unexpected. Check out these 17 stair design fails to see exactly what we mean…

  1. Steps fit for a Hobbit

    These stairs certainly aren’t made for humans. Hobbits, sure–but, definitely not humans!

  2. The sloped set

    Whoever designed this set of oddly-angled steps should really re-take Geometry 101…

  3. Rock climbing up the stairs

    You know that a staircase is badly-designed when users need both their feet AND hands to use it!

  4. “The Exorcist” steps

    Horror movie fans are familiar with these eerie steps, which were featured in the classic film “The Exorcist.” Fun fact: they are located in Washington D.C. and they are just as scary in-person.

  5. The angular nightmare

    Even this dog is questioning the credentials of the architect who designed these stairs…

  6. Stairs on different levels

    To be fair, these stairs would be *perfect* for someone whose left foot is shorter than their right.

  7. Stairway to heaven

    (Sorry for the cheesy caption but we just HAD to!)

  8. No back, no rail, big problems

    We love the clean, minimalistic look, but this is taking it overboard.

  9. When everything about the staircase is unsettling

    We can find about 12 reasons why we would never want to set foot on these haunted-looking steps…

  10. The maze-like fire escape

    We are all for safe evacuations but this fire escape may be scarier than whatever is causing the emergency!

  11. Narrow steps, tight squeeze

    You might want to take a few yoga classes before you attempt to navigate that angle on your way down!

  12. Huh??

    Nope, we can’t make heads or tails of this design either…

  13. The dizzying spiral

    You might want to pop a Dramamine before attempting to descend these spiral steps.

  14. Fair-weather stairs

    We’re not too sure where these stairs go, but we’re hoping that there’s no one stuck down there!

  15. The mysterious divot

    Is it a rainwater collection site? A mosquito reserve? Your guess is as good as ours.

  16. The stairs to nowhere

    Epic fail, indeed.

  17. A carpeted staircase catastrophe waiting to happen

    Future interior designers of America: don’t EVER cover stairs with geometric carpeting…

    We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these treacherous staircase designs! Which one is the most dangerous? What is the scariest staircase you ever encountered? What did you do when you first came upon it?