If you cough up the money to spend your vacation at a luxury hotel, then you know you’re likely in for a clean, enjoyable, well put-together hotel room.

But sometimes, you just need a place to rest your head on a pillow—you know, at any old place–even if it risks you never quite knowing what you’re going to get.

The latter is just the kind of situation the following people found themselves in. They truly had no idea what they were about to walk into when they chose their any-old hotel—but luckily, they photographed the weirdest things they saw so we can all laugh at them now.

From misplaced shower heads to far-away toilet paper, these are some of funniest (and maybe some of the grossest) hotel fails on the Internet.

  1. Lazy salt and pepper fillers

    hotel fail 1sandberg_93 via Reddit

    Points for creativity, though.

  2. Feng shui gone wrong

    Why yes, a lamp and phone definitely belong atop a microwave on the nightstand.

  3. Dirty sheets

    Don’t kill the messenger.

  4. So close yet so far

    Wonder if this guy wound up having to do the waddle.

  5. Slip carefully

    hotel fail 5onski3via Reddit

    Language barrier problems.

  6. Chameleon-esque room numbers

    hotel fail 6Pararoyal via Reddit

    No wonder they couldn’t find where their room was.

  7. Misplaced sink

    hotel fail 7DiceGottFried via Reddit

    Who thought this was a good idea?

  8. …And showers

    Guess a hot shower is out of the question.

  9. Hairy mural

    Who doesn’t want to stare at this before they hit the hay?

  10. Deceiving pools

    Instagram vs. reality has a whole new meaning.

  11. Congrats Tulation

    hotel fail 11elosoyonki via Reddit

    Giving them the benefit of the doubt here and hoping they were congratulating someone named “Tulation”?

  12. Brail fail

    Guess the blind people won’t be able to find the family restroom.

  13. Your sample text here

    So glad the place they ordered this print did all the work for them…they thought.

  14. Gourmet room service

    hotel fail 14nickykeeng via Reddit

    Not QUITE what they hoped for.

  15. Weird place for curtains

    Really thought drawing the drapes would let in some sunshine.

What’s the weirdest “hotel fail” you’ve ever experienced? We’d love to hear your wackiest hotel story!