Spanish Triathlete Waits at Finish Line to Allow Opponent Who Went the Wrong Way to Finish First

When we think of preparing for a race, we think of running daily, sticking to a strict diet, getting plenty of rest and basically doing everything possible to make sure we are prepared.

Runners put a lot of time and effort into preparing for a race, and obviously, the goal is to win. The goal is not to come in second place, especially when you very well could have one.

One runner recently took good sportsmanship to a whole new level. He actually stopped right before the finish line to let his competitor win. It sounds unthinkable, but it actually happened, and there’s the video to prove it.

During the 2020 Santander Triathlon in Barcelona, Spain, a British athlete named James Teagle was in the lead. Close behind him was a Spanish triathlete named Diego Méntrida.

As the two athletes approached the finish line, there was a slight turn in the running path. Teagle started to run the wrong direction and realized it when the barricades were in his way. This slight misstep slowed him down just enough to cause Méntrida to take the lead. 

Méntrida kept running, but he stopped right before crossing the finish line. He simply stood there and waited for Teagle to catch up with him and even pass him. The two athletes shook hands. 

Talk about being a good loser! When asked about the unorthodox move, Teagle explained that Méntrida had been in front of him during the entire race and that it was the fair thing to do.

Watch this incredible moment in the video below.

In the comments on Twitter, there are many people who think that Méntrida should not have stopped and let Teagle win.

Yet, many other people think that “letting him win” was a great move.

Do you think Méntrida did the right think by letting Teagle win?