There are a lot of things that you can’t do during a pandemic, like anything where social distancing is difficult. Pretty much all events that usually draw big crowds have been canceled, and when they aren’t canceled, people have mixed feelings.

The saying goes that necessity is the mother invention, and that is definitely true during a pandemic. For example, with movie theaters closed, some parking lots have been transformed into drive-in theaters, and many movies have been released directly to streaming services instead of in theaters.

There’s another form of entertainment that is going to need to change with the times: concerts. The future of concerts and other performances that take place at large entertainment venues may already be here. Perhaps it will look something like this innovative concert venue in the UK. 

The new Virgin Money Unity Arena in the UK recently held a concert featuring musician San Fender. When the concertgoers arrived, they parked 2 meters apart before being led to their own private viewing area.

The setup actually looks great. It’s definitely different, but it’s a type of different we think we could easily adjust to if it allows us to see our favorite bands and musicians live on stage once again.

Guests were asked to wear face masks during the concert and to stay in their private viewing area. They were also able to order food and beverages before the concert and through an app.

Helen Page is the group brand and marketing director at Virgin Money. She was happy about the socially distant concert setup saying, “We are delighted to play a part in bringing back live music events as we start to emerge from lockdown.”

What do you think about this socially distant concert setup? Would you feel safe attending a concert in your own private viewing area? Do you think more venues should create a similar setup?