Burger King Debuts ‘Social Distancing Crowns’ to Playfully Help Reinforce the Rules

While we’re getting eager for things to go back to “normal,” social distancing is going to be around for awhile. As restaurants begin to reopen for more than just take out and delivery, owners are left to come up with ways to help customers continue social distancing while they are dining.

There are probably endless ways to enforce and encourage social distancing. Signs can help. We’ve seen some stores tape arrows to the floor. Limiting the number of customers inside at one time can also be effective. Then there are the more creative ways.

Maybe some people had too much time on their hands during lockdown, but some restaurants are introducing very unique and creative ways to keep their customers 6 feet apart. For example, one bar debuted tables made out of inner tubes that customers can wear while they mingle. Then there’s a restaurant in Amsterdam that built quarantine greenhouses.

Now, Burger King is debuting a stunt of its own. You know the paper crowns that kids sometimes like to wear when they visit Burger King? While, the fast food chain has taken paper crowns to a whole new level, like, a 6 foot level.

Customers in Germany can now wear gigantic paper hats that Burger King is calling “social distance crowns.” While hilarious, they could also prove effective if customers actually want to wear them. 

On Twitter, fans are praising the innovation and the “fashion.”

Another fan pointed out that the crowns are similar to Mariachi Sombreros. If this paper hat trend continues, perhaps gigantic sombreros will be debuted at a Mexican restaurant near you.

Currently, these crowns are only available in Germany, but it seems that fans here in the States are eager to try them out.

What do you think of the “social distancing crowns”? Would you wear one?