This Restaurant in Amsterdam Built Quarantine Greenhouses So Diners Can Enjoy a Meal Out While Social Distancing

As we continue to maintain stay-at-home orders and socially distance from others in light of the coronavirus outbreak of 2020, many of us have begun to wonder what the new normal will be like once places can reopen their doors.

One of the biggest questions people have has to do with restaurants. For example, how will restaurants serve their patrons? Will each facility be limited to a certain amount of customers? Will buffets still be a thing? Will everyone have to wear masks? Gloves? How will we eat, if so? There are so many questions!

Some of these might actually be answered when we look at one restaurant in Amsterdam preparing to reopen after being closed down during the outbreak. The precautions they’re taking might be able to give us a glimpse into what we can expect in the states, too.

One of the biggest changes the restaurant, called Mediamatic ETEN, plans to make is installing what’s coined “Serres Séparées,” which are essentially individual quarantine greenhouse pods. They will line the outside of the restaurant, offering customers a way to eat safely around others.

“These chambres séparées are recommended only for people that are already living together,” the restaurant says. “Soon, we’ll offer really nice plant-based dinner in our greenhouses on the Amsterdam water side of the Oosterdok.”

Each pod can fit up to three people comfortably (which staff say should only be people who are quarantining together), are will be heavily spaced out from the rest of the restaurant guests to avoid any potential exposure.

While they haven’t officially reopened yet, the restaurant is currently testing out the pods with family and friends of staff. And after hearing about the pods, guests have flocked future reservations, which are sold out for the foreseeable future. Sounds like they’re doing something right!

In addition to the separated pods, servers at the restaurant will be wearing face shields and serve patrons their meals on longboards so they don’t have to get too close.

As far as everything else, the staff is still determining how to go about certain things like cleaning and service before getting the green light to reopen.

“We are now learning how to do the cleaning, how to do the service, how to get the empty plates out again in an elegant way, so you still feel taken care of nicely,” said Willem Velthoven of Mediamatic.

They’re definitely off to a good start, and we’re excited to see how it goes! They are hoping to reopen by mid-May.

Would you want to eat in these individual greenhouse pods? What do you think restaurant service will be like once restaurants in the states can reopen? When do you think you’ll feel comfortable eating out again?