Okay, how many of you have secretly “ice skated” around your house in your socks, just like in that movie with Tom Cruise? You’ve yet to see a slippery floor that hasn’t been conquered by your dance-skating skills. But what to make of the part where you’re picking up dust bunnies and all their cousins during your performance?

Unless your carpet-free floors are spotless 24/7, walking around in slippers and socks can attract the attention of rogue pet hair, dirt, and other fun stuff. It’s perfectly acceptable that you don’t always have time to dry mop or sweep every single day. Wouldn’t it be cool to not worry about dirty sock bottoms as you walk comfortably around your home?

Thanks to this clever slipper hack from Goodful, you might want to try killing two birds with one stone. Keep your feet warm and your floors clear of debris by turning your house shoes into dusting devices— machine washable dusters at that! Check out how to make them below.



  • Pair of slippers
  • Large microfiber cloth
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Velcro
  • Needle and thread
  • Anti-fray glue or sealer
  • Strong adhesive glue


  1.  Trace

    Slipper dustpadsGoodful

    Using a marker, trace an outline of each slipper bottom onto the non-scrubbing side of the microfiber cloth. Trace multiple pairs if your cloth is large enough.

  2.  Cut

    Cut out the traced slipper outlines, stacking them together as pairs.

  3.  Velcro

    Attach strips of Velcro to the bottoms of your slipper dusting pads. Make sure they’re on part of the cloth that won’t be touching the floor. If your Velcro doesn’t come with sticky adhesive, use the needle and thread to attach them.

  4. Deter Fray

    Slipper velcroGoodful

    Apply the anti-fray glue or sealant around the edges of the cloth to prevent fraying. Allow to dry.

  5. Glue

    With your glue, place the opposite pieces of Velcro on the hard bottoms of each slipper. Dry completely.

  6.  Attach

    Attach the dusting cloths to the matching bottoms of your slippers. Note: for each dusting cloth you make, be careful to make sure you’re attaching the corresponding piece of Velcro that matches up with the bottoms of your slippers.

  7.  Remove

    Toss soiled dust pads into the hamper or washing machine and replace them with fresh ones.


Let your feet do all the legwork to banish popcorn kernels, dust, and kid crumbs from your floors without having to break out the mop or broom all the time. It’s also a good way to attack those hard-to-reach areas that lie in small nooks and crannies. Perfect for lightweight jobs, one of the best features is that they can be reused again and again. Get the little ones and their dancing slippers involved too!

With all the microfiber varieties out there, we’re sure you can find the best type suited for your household’s floors. What we’re not so sure about however, is what song should accompany your skate-dusting endeavors. Go for gold! What do you think about this DIY dusting hack? Would you hook up your whole family with a set of slipper dusters? Tell us in the comments.