If you have ever been in the market for a new home, you know that sometimes first impressions can be deceiving. Back when we were looking for a home, we would look at pictures of houses and the stats (square footage, number of bedrooms, etc) online before deciding which ones to go look at with our real estate agent.

The pictures online were often deceiving. You have to walk through a house and see it at all angles before you can really judge whether it’s somewhere you would want to live…or not.

There was a house for sale in suburban Chicago that is nicknamed the Pie House. It became famous when TikTok user eli.korn_ posted a video he took outside the house. 

First impressions of the house are pretty impressive. It looks really nice and like it’s probably a pretty good size, but then you have to see the side of the house. It is super duper narrow. It looks like you couldn’t even stand inside with your arms outstretched. 

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TikTok users joked in the comments that it looks like you could push this skinny house over. One person asked how you get upstairs, and another person commented on eli.korn_’s video saying, “WHATS INSIDE I WANNA KNOW.”

Ask and you shall receive. The video below shows both the outside of the house and a glimpse at the inside. If you were surprised about how narrow the house looks from the outside, you will probably once again be surprised at what the house looks like from the inside.



The Pie House sold on August 6, 2020, for $260,000. According to the description on Zillow, it includes 1600 square feet of living space when you count the basement, and it has 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.



It is described as “Perfect For An Investment Property, First Time Home Owner, Or Empty Nester Looking To Downsize.”

The narrow home, which was built in 2003, has hardwood floors, a newer roof and what sounds like a pretty great location in the Chicago suburb of Deerfield.

If you’ve ever seen inside a tiny house, this Pie House seems huge. Would you ever consider living in a house this narrow? Which is more surprising, how narrow it looks from the outside or how spacious it looks from the inside?