Do you own a home? If you’ve ever searched real estate listings trying to decide which houses to see, you know that a picture really does speak a 1000 words. Before even reading the description of the house for sale, I find myself looking at the pictures. If I don’t like what I see, I often don’t even read the description.

Have you ever listed your house for sale? If so, and if you have a good real estate agent working for you, you know that less is more. Declutter. Take down pictures. Remove excess furniture. Definitely put the toilet seats down and hide the laundry. You want buyers to be able to picture themselves and their stuff in your home. You don’t want them to be distracted by your clutter.

Apparently, not all real estate agents give their clients such advice. Maybe they didn’t give them any advice at all. Thanks to the blog Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos, we’ve seen some pretty unappealing pictures that were really truly used to try to entice potential buyers to look at and even buy one of these properties. Once you see these pictures, you’ll be scratching your head too.

  1. Terrible Bathroom

    While the seat is down, this definitely isn’t a bathroom we’d want to go anywhere near.

  2. Clutter, Clutter, Everywhere

    This family definitely doesn’t seem to mind everyone seeing their dirty laundry.

  3. Open Concept?

    Sure, many people love open concept floor plans, but this is taking it too far. Some walls need to stay.

  4. One-Car Garage?

    We hope the description didn’t count the living room as off-street parking.

  5. Where’s the Bed?

    Maybe these homeowners were starting the Marie Kondo thing where you put all your clothes on the bed before deciding what to keep. Or, maybe not.

  6. Something must be done about that wallpaper.

    Which do you think came first, the fabric or the wallpaper? It’s seriously not every day that you see wallpaper on a ceiling.

  7. Odd Place for a Bathroom

    When posting pictures of a house for sale, real estate agents do not need to post pictures of every single room especially if the bathroom is on the staircase.

  8. A Picture of a Picture

    But what does the kitchen really look like?

  9. Does the kid come with the house?

    Usually homeowners aren’t home when potential buyers look at the house, and they are most definitely not in the pictures of the house. This kid must not want to move.

  10. Wilting Fan

    Sure, the fan can be replaced. Perhaps it should have been replaced before this picture was taken. It can’t exactly be very effective in this state.

  11. Kitchen Clutter

    It’s probably pretty safe to say that the homeowners don’t actually cook in their kitchen very often.

  12. Gross Bathroom

    This bathroom’s going to need a little more work that updating the tile or adding a new vanity.

  13. Plants Everywhere

    Even the decor matches the plants. I guess, at least there’s a theme?

  14. Something’s Missing Here

    While it’s always a good idea to remove anything unnecessary from pictures, we tend to think removing the toilet altogether is taking it a step too far.

  15. Perhaps the Worst Photo Ever?

    Please, just run screaming from this place or burn it down and start over.