In our hectic lives, we’re all about doing things quickly; speed napping, fast food restaurants, and 10-minute workout videos all prove this to be true. When you’re balancing a million errands and chores while also trying to excel at work and take care of a family (or yourself), time becomes a precious thing.

So in honor of our valuable time, Household Hacker came up with six clever tips that are meant to save you some minutes. All six of these hacks involve day-to-day problems and all of them are easy to pull off!

We guarantee they’ll be saving you effort on some of the most annoying little time wasters you deal with on a daily basis.

1. Detergent Dispenser

Laundry Room OrganizationVeri Keri
Do you love buying a specific kind of laundry detergent that doesn’t have a spout, but miss how efficient pouring your detergent used to be? A quick way to get the effortless pour you’re looking for is to fill a drink dispenser with detergent.

Not only will this get you a faster pour, but it will look much cooler than those chunky plastic containers ever did.

2. Plastic Bag Holder

Hacks to have you time in life.Household Hacker
Swimming in plastic bags? You’re not alone. Trying to store these millions of grocery store bags is one of the easiest ways to cause clutter in your home, but not if you use this little hack.

Take an empty tissue box and stuff a plastic bag inside, leaving the handles of the bag out. Loop the next bag through the handles before stuffing it in, and keep repeating until you have a chain of bags that will easily pull from your nice, contained box.

3. Nail Magnet

man attaching nails on to end of hammerMr. Hacker
If you’re working on a project that involves a hammer or a drill, you’re probably accustomed to dropping nails and screws everywhere. Avoid the mess (and the hazard of sticking your finger with one of these sharp objects) with this easy pick-up method!

Glue a small magnet to the bottom of your hammer and use that to collect any metal odds and ends that may have gotten away.

4. Breaking a Few Eggs

basket of brown eggs with raw eggklsbear
Ever crack an egg into your frying pan just to get chunks of shell mixed in there, too? It’s such a pain to try and stick your fingers into that goop and retrieve that rogue shell.

Next time, try using one half of the already broken shell as a scoop. This will keep your fingers out of the nastiness and work very well for picking up that impossible escaped shell.

5. Perfect the Shower Temperature

ShowerTooHotnikkytok via Dollar Photo Club
How annoying is it when you’re trying to jump in the shower but you have to spend five extra minutes cautiously feeling and adjusting the water to make sure it’s a good temp? What a waste of time.

The next time you get your water just right, take a small piece of tape and mark off what position the knob was in that got you that temperature. You can even do this in multiple colors if more than one person uses that shower.

6. Unload Sodas

Emptying a soda can box.HouseholdHacker
When you’ve just bought a box of soda cans, it’s so annoying to have to take each one out and place it in the fridge. Instead try this little trick: open the shorter sides of the box and put it on the shelf of your fridge, bracing the box with one hand and pushing the sodas out with the other.

In about five seconds, you’ll have perfectly arranged soda cans, with little to no effort required.


What do you think about these life hacks? Do you have any tricks that you use to save time in your daily life? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.