Cleaning is never exactly something that we consider “fun.” It’s not like we daydream about cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom and look forward to it all week. Yet, cleaning can be rewarding. Have you ever dusted something that hadn’t been dusted in a long time? Seeing the difference one dust cloth can make in just seconds is very rewarding.

The most frustrating thing about cleaning is when you gear yourself up to clean something you’ve been putting off cleaning, and no matter what you do, you just can’t get it completely clean. We could choose to stay frustrated and give up, but instead, that’s when we start looking for helpful tips and tricks that can get the job done.

Have you ever tried to clean your shower? We definitely hope the answer is “yes.” Whether you have a glass shower door or a shower curtain, you probably know that sometimes that soap scum isn’t so easy to remove. More than once, we have gone the route of buying a new shower curtain liner instead of cleaning the one we already have, but that ends now.

You’d think that a place where soap and water is used on the regular would be a place that would virtually clean itself. Not true. Soap scum is real, my friends. 

Thankfully, we’ve learned a super easy trick to get that pesky grime off our shower curtains and shower doors. This tip comes from a mom in Australia who combined two common products to create her own amazing cleaning hack.

You will need a Magic Eraser and a dishwasher pod. You simply cut out a spot in the Magic Eraser that’s the same size as the dishwasher pod and put the pod in that cut out spot. Now you have a dishwasher pod embedded in your Magic Eraser, and you’re armed with extra cleaning power!

Before you start cleaning, we recommend wearing a pair of gloves to protect your hands. That dishwasher pod is more powerful than you might realize!

This creative mom shared her hack in a Facebook group for Australian moms, and many moms decided to try the hack themselves. They too experienced great success with this powerful cleaning combination. One mom even tried it on the oven doors and was pleasantly surprised to see how easily she got them clean.

Did you ever think about using dishwasher pods to clean anything besides dishes? Are you going to try this cleaning hack?