5 Things You Never Knew You Should Consider Before Buying New Shoes

An outfit just isn’t finished until you find the perfect pair of shoes, and shopping for those shoes can be so much fun— as long as you know exactly what to look for when you do!

If that sounds silly, that’s just because you haven’t seen these tips from Glamrs.com. She shares some shoe-shopping secrets for finding shoes that are not only fabulous, but work for your individual feet. Check out our favorite tips from their video below, then keep scrolling to watch the rest of their shoe-shopping wisdom.

  1. Shop at the right time: nighttime.

    Yes, there is a right and a wrong time to shop for shoes, and it turns out, that right time is in the evenings. Sure, early mornings might be ideal for starting your day with some shopping therapy and avoiding crowds, but it’s not ideal for finding the perfect fit.

    Why? Well, according to Glamrs, your feet are slightly more swollen in the evenings than in the mornings. (Makes sense, since our morning feet are well-rested and our evening feet have been walking around all day!) If you buy shoes in the evening, you know for sure that they’ll be comfortable all day, whereas shoes you try on and choose in the morning might be too tight and uncomfortable come the end of a future work day.

  2. Look for the right size and the right fit.

    Just like jeans, dresses, and anything else we wear, our shoe size is going to vary from brand to brand. So just because you’re usually a size 7 in a sneaker, don’t go into a store and just grab any old size 7 sandal, high heel, or even other sneaker brand. It might sound like we’re stating the obvious, but always, always try on the shoes you want to guarantee that the size you think you need is the one that actually fits.

    This size-versus-fit conumdrum is especially important to remember when you’re buying dress shoes, and most especially important if you’re buying pumps or flats with a pointed toe. If you’re trying this style, make sure there’s a finger’s-width worth of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.

    Another fit tip? Pay attention to width! Place any shoe you’re considering next to your foot, and compare the widest part of your foot to the widest part of the shoe. If they’re the same size, great! If not, don’t buy them; they’re guaranteed to turn out to be uncomfortable later on.

  3. Measure your feet every two years.

    Yes, every two years— even as an adult. You’re probably aware that pregnancy can affect your shoe size, but even if you’re never borne children, your feet likely are a different size than they were in your college years. In fact, feet just keep right on growing longer and wider as you age. So make sure your reevaluate your sizing needs every two years. Hey, it’s a good excuse to buy some new pairs!

Smart! I definitely didn’t realize my feet were probably a different size than they were two years ago; that definitely explains some things!

To learn the other two tips from Glamrs.com and to find out more about the ones we’ve highlighted above, watch their video below.

Did you know these tips already? Do you have any shoe shopping advice of your own to share?