We’re a week into December, and we’re definitely feeling the holiday spirit. From watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music to decorating the Christmas tree and baking Christmas cookies, we’re in full festive mode.

If you’re ready to embrace the holiday season too, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend every minute decorating, baking or watching movies. Sometimes we need a break where we just want to relax for a minute while still being entertained, and that’s when we like a good brain teaser.

When it comes to hidden picture brain teasers, it’s hard to beat the pictures created by Gergely Dudás. His website has multiple brain teasers that are just the right amount of challenging. By that we mean that they’re hard to solve but not impossible. We have always been able to find the answer.

We’ve already enjoyed challenges like finding the bear hidden in the reindeer and finding Santa’s hat hidden in the snowmen, but our latest challenge has been finding the sheep hidden among the Santas.

It would seem that a sheep would be easy to tell apart from a Santa. After all, they look nothing alike, but Dudás is a pro at drawing pictures that make seemingly different things look a lot alike. For example, in this particular puzzle, the sheep is the exact same color as Santa’s face and beard.

Look at the picture below to see if you can find the hidden sheep.


If you’re having trouble finding the lost sheep, here’s are a few tips. First of all, the sheep, unlike Santa, is not wearing a red hat.

Also, it is helpful to start at one corner of the puzzle and work your way across the picture or down the picture in a strategic method to make sure you carefully look at very single spot.

Trust us; you’ll know once you find the sheep. It will eventually jump right out at you making you wonder why you didn’t see it the whole time.

If you give up and still can’t find the sheep, you can click here for the answer.

How long did it take you to find the lost sheep? Did you think this was a difficult brain teaser? What’s your favorite type of brain teaser?