It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone’s feeling jolly (well, at least, jollier than they’ve felt this whole weird year). The merry bells are ringing and Santa is hard at work in the North Pole making gifts for all the boys and girls.

In light of this lovely season, Santa is the center of Gergely Dudás (aka “Dudolf”)’s latest puzzle. In case you don’t know, Dudlof is best known for his seek-and-find picture games, where he illustrates a bunch of a similar object with one nearly similar object weaved in that you need to find.

For example, you can try to find the tiny snowman among this wintry puzzle, the mouse among squirrels here, or a polar bear in the sea of ghosts.

We’ve been totally addicted to his latest puzzles, like these above! They’re the perfect mindless activity to ogive your brain a rest, if only for a moment.

Okay, his latest might take more than a moment. It truly stumped us and we think it’ll stump you, too (and get you in the holiday spirit).

It’s a collage of adorable tiny snowmen wearing Santa hats. They’re all happy and smiling as they help Santa decorate a Christmas tree. The only person who isn’t too happy about the situation: The usual-jolly Saint Nicholas himself! The poor lad lost his Santa hat among the snowmen. And since all of the snowmen he’s with are wearing Santa hats too, the real Santa hat is pretty hard to spot.

The only difference between the snowmen’s hats and Santa’s hat is that Santa’s is a sold red color, while the snowmen’s are all striped. Can you find it? Take a look at each crevice of the photo. Search up. Search down. Search left, search right. Pretty tough to spot, huh?

We’re not going to lie, we totally had to look at the spoiler to find Santa’s hat. But once we saw it, we can’t unsee it now. We think you can totally find it if you give it a chance.

Take a look at the photo below and see if you can spot Santa’s hat among the endless snowmen!

Did you find Santa’s hat? How long did it take you? In case you want to give up, you can find the answer here, on Dudlof’s blog. Be sure to check there, as well as his Instagram account for even more fun puzzles like this one.