When you’re a little 5-year-old child and you start your first day of kindergarten, it seems like it will literally be forever before you graduate from high school. The concept of going to high school even seems very far in the distant future.

Time moves faster than we’d like as we get older, and before students know it, they’re seniors in high school who are applying to college and starting to realize that things are going to change after graduation.

While some students want to cling to their high school days and make pacts to stay friends with their group of besties forever, other students look forward to finally graduating and starting the next chapter of their life.

No matter what category students fall into, the end of senior year can cause many students to want to act out. Most of the hard work of high school is over, and with graduation on the horizon, some seniors set their minds to things that aren’t as constructive.

Did you have a senior ditch day when you were in high school? Was that just us? It was a day when all the seniors got together and decided we were going to skip school and do something fun instead.

Did you have a senior prank? The word “prank” sounds harmless enough, but it depends how far students push it. There can be a fine line between a prank and a crime.

At Roanoke Rapids High School in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, seniors often pull a prank at the end of the school year. This usually involves something like throwing rolls of toilet paper in the trees outside the school.

This year, the senior prank went too far. When administrators walked up to the school, they found what looked more like vandalism than a harmless prank.

Yes, there were toilet paper rolls in the trees, but there was also spray paint on the school’s windows, classroom doors were glued shut with super glue, and the school’s 100-year-old hardwood floors had vegetable oil dumped all over them.

The Police Chief, Bobby Martin, estimates that it’s going to cost the school between $4000 and $7000 to fix the damage. The worst part is probably the damage to the hardwood floors. Not only is the oil hard to clean up, but it caused so much damage in some areas that it may not even be possible to fix them.

The school has more than 100 security cameras, and the students who participated in the prank were caught on camera. Martin says that anyone responsible for this crime will be looking at misdemeanor charges. He urges students to come forward now if they know something. He said, “The sooner you come and talk about it the better off you will be. We may be able to work something out.”

For more on this story, watch the video below.

Do you think this senior prank went too far? What do you think the consequences should be for the students who are responsible?