A New Orleans high school has barred students from graduation festivities for participating in a senior prank. Students at Sophie B. Wright charter school were warned in advance about consequences.

On April 5, some students were caught spraying water and other items such as vinegar and mustard inside and outside school property. A bathroom was damaged and several individuals were injured, including one teacher.

The school board president stated that there could be legal ramifications for the students:

“Both personal injury and effects on property are currently under investigation. It is possible that damage caused by these students will result in criminal and civil actions.”

Some were expelled or suspended from school, and those suspended have been banned from senior prom and the graduation ceremony. Parents are divided, with some upset that a teenage prank is leading to these consequences, calling them harsh. They would prefer a different punishment such as community service.

One of the parents of a suspended student told a local news outlet:

“It looks like they’re having fun. They’re kids. They’re 17, 18 years old. This is the last real day of their childhood. It was a senior prank. How many high schools do you know of that have a senior prank? All of them.”

In April, school administrators got wind that a water fight would be going down as part of a senior prank. They posted a warning on the school’s website and made announcements alerting parents and students not to participate.

According to some students, the principal was aware of water balloons and water guns but asked that students not use them inside the building. They decided to go out during lunch. Now, they are distraught they won’t we able to walk for graduation.

A school board meeting was held on Wednesday, April 10 to discuss the issue. There’s been no word on the outcome.

Did you do senior pranks when you were in school? What do you think about how this school handled the issue? Do you think the punishment fits or should be less?


Yahoo! News