If you’re a chocolate lover, chances are, you can’t resist the holy grail of chocolate delicacies: Nutella.

The chocolate spread is made with hazelnuts and tastes like literal heaven sent to you from up above. Whether you spread it on toast, an apple slice, or spoon it straight from the tub, there’s really no wrong way to enjoy nutella.

There IS, however, a wrong way to open a jar of nutella. And one TikTok user recently brought this amazing discovery to our attention.

When you open the lid of a jar of nutella, the first thing you’ll see a gold lining protecting the spread. And what do you do to open that gold lining? You probably puncture it with your spoon or even your finger. But that could leave little gold flakes of foil in your chocolatey goodness, or ruin the perfect swirl that lies atop every jar…and no one wants that.

There’s got to be a better way—and, indeed, there is. User “foodies” posted a video that has our mind completely blown.

It turns out that all jars of nutella come with its very own little plastic knife that can be found right under the cap. The knife can then be used to cleanly cut open that seal before digging in.

When you open up the jar, flip the lid over, and you’ll see that there are actually two linings under it. The first is a white lining directly under the lid. Once you take that off, you’ll see a silver lining. And then once you take THAT off, low and behold is your teeny little plastic knife that you can use to get that seal off cleanly.

Okay, even we have to admit, it’s a bit of a process to get to that knife, and perhaps you’re too impatient to eat your nutella to bother. And we really don’t blame you. But doesn’t it still blow your mind to know that there’s been a utensil hiding under that lid for as long as you’ve been eating nutella? It sure has our jaws on the floor!

To see exactly how to get to the knife in your jar of nutella, check out the TikTok video that’s gained a ton of traction below.

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Did you have any idea there was a knife hiding under the lid of your nutella jar? Will you try this hack out the next time you open a new jar?