One of the (few) upsides to living in a cold climate is the fact that, when the weather decides to get particularly horrendous, you get a day off work.

Well, let’s be honest–with the way technology is advancing so quickly these days, it’s getting harder and harder to get a day off work. The only way your boss couldn’t find you is if both Internet and cell coverage were down at the same time. And EVEN then, we bet you would have to deal with some sort of awkward conversation about why you couldn’t make that Thursday morning meeting even though the eye of a Nor’easter had been swirling right above your frickin’ house!

OK, maybe that’s only happened to us, not you. But, it’s moments like that, that make us close our eyes and let our minds wander back to the sweet, simple times that were childhood. Back then, a Nor’easter meant a minimum of two days off school–paired with maximum fun sledding down as many hills as we could!

Ah, happy memories, huh? Well, what if we told you that one South Carolina school district has found the ultimate way to pry the best part of winter away from its pupils?

That’s right, one school districting is ELIMINATING snow days!

We’re not kidding…

The news, which was originally reported by local station WYFF, is so shocking that new stations around the world have shared it with their readers. And, for good reason. The scenario just seems so improbable–how can a whole school district just straight up ignore the snow?!

Well, as it turns out, the school district, Anderson School District 5 to be exact, hasn’t invented some cutting-edge snow-plowing solution that clears roads in time for the 8 am bell; they’re merely using the wonders of the Internet to stay in touch with their students.

A spokesperson with the district says that this plan has actually been in the works for years, ever since they spent millions to upgrade their IT department so that every student had a Google Chrome Book to call their own. By all reports, it’s been a great program for the kids, but now they are taking it to places that the students could have never imagined.

So, how exactly will kids be able to “attend school” when they’re really at home? By the sounds of it, in the same way, that you are able to work from home on snow days. The kiddos will be able to complete assignments via video chat and will be able to ask questions with the help of messaging apps. To take it even further, parents will even be able to oversee the lessons and chime in, if they want.

Times, they sure are a changin’! To learn even more about this school district’s snow day-free plan and to hear what a student thinks of it, be sure to watch the video below.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this elimination of snow days. Do you think it’s a plan that will work? Would you like it to be implemented in your kid’s district? What’s your favorite snow day memory?